Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am almost caught up! Just a few more pictures to post and the funeral to post and we will move on.

I can't move on without showing you a VERY special gift that was given to us the morning of Dawson's funeral, by Logan, Jasmine, Jared & Jana. It about made our hearts stop! Ry and I both sobbed! It is perfect!

This is a picture of the picture that hangs on our wall in our entry way. The picture huge. I should measure it! I think it is like 20x32 or something like that. My sister in law, Jasmine, has an incredibly talented friend. Jasmine took her a picture of Dawson and she went to work.

I must say that her hand must have been guided by the Lord! She somehow captured the feeling of peace that we both saw on his face and felt after he left his body! I didn't know there was stress in his face until after he left his little body behind. The peace on his face was amazing! Olivia totally captured that peace! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Jared & Jana, Logan & Jasmine and Olivia! Completely Amazing!

Now, I didn't know how you would feel about me posting this picture. However, I wanted to post it. I wanted you all to have the opportunity to see how beautiful he was the day of his funeral! Ryan wanted to badly for him to have a white suit. It is not easy to find a size 3 or 4 T white suit with only a days notice. However, after buying one outfit and dressing him in it, we found the suit! Ryan put the suit coat on Dawson just before the funeral. He looked so handsome! I am glad Ryan wanted him to have one!

Left behind from that suit is a suit vest, shirt, tie & pants. All white, of course. I am going to frame it and do something with it. It should be really nice for us to have!

I do have to say that it is a sacred experience to dress a loved ones body. I thought it would be so hard, but I kept reminding myself that we are dressing him for the resurrection, when we will all be together again! That focus, along with the knowledge that his body is sacred because of the sacrifice performed in it, really gave us peace and allowed us to feel our Little D so close to us! It was a special moment for just Ry, Me and Dawson. I am certain we will never forget the feeling in that room!

Oh, he looked amazing! Look how handsome he is! In quite a few moments lately, the inability to kiss those cheeks and hold that little body causes quite a sting. On Sunday it was pretty consuming for me. Hard day! Really hard! But very much needed! Every once in a while it is good to just have a really good hard cry! I felt much better after that and lots of love from Ryan. He is perfect for me! He is so wise and his love for me is overwhelming. I love that! I love that when one of us is weak, the other has an abundance of peace and strength! It is a blessing to both of us!

Oh, if you look down by the bottom of Dawsons suit coat you will see a little white crocheted blanket. That is the blanket I made for him. We gave it lots and lots of love before putting it on our boy. Somehow it just makes me feel a lot better!

Well, tomorrow I get to teach Enrichment to the three wards in our Valley. That will be so great! It will be a very busy day! I did post Step #4 for the "!2 Step Program into Addiction". It is good to get a little back to normal. I should be posting regularly on both VERY soon! Thanks for all of your patience! :)


Baldwincrew-blog said...

Beautiful boy! Thanks for your strength.

jill said...

That picture is amazing, and perfectly captured!

Love you guys!

Courtney Price said...

That is a beautiful drawing! What a sweet gift!

The Johnson Family said...

What a beautiful picture and a beautiful boy. You are amazing, thank you for continuing to share your story and testimony. You strengthen countless around you. Much love!

Megan said...

Dawson looks wonderful. So big and handsome!

Robyn said...

What a neat picture! I think I need you as a friend to help me be a better person! Your awesome!

Rideout Family said...

I love that drawing. That drawing brings amazing peace. It's beautiful to know that he really is like that now. Again Amy, that was such an amazing service. Dawson looked so peaceful and so handsome in that white suit.

Tana said...

I'm glad you posted the picture of him in his white suit looking so peaceful and shared your experience. I love the picture you were given, when I first saw it on Tuesday it took my breath away. love ya, T

Michelle said...

Amy, you are such a courageous person. I am in awe of your strength and willingness to share your life--the good and the bad--in order to help others. Dawson looks so peaceful. What a blessing to know that he will be yours again to raise after the resurrection. We often think of our little Sawyer as our cheering section in heaven. I can think of nothing more motivating than having a sweet little spirit waiting for me to "do the right thing". My prayers are with you for when the dark clouds roll in. I promise you, it will get easier. Love you, michelle