Friday, February 5, 2010

May As Well Be Buried In It

It's COLD! I am longing for summer! However, I must shake those ideas right out of my head, because Summer doesn't show its face around here until July....then Fall shows up in August (sigh).

However, to look on the bright side we are BURIED in snow! We took these pictures just after we got home. Now you can't see any trace of those rocks by Jake! So, if it's gonna be cold, we may as well be buried!
This picture of Elly totally cracks me up! You should see this dog in the snow! She LOVES it! This picture is funny to me because about one second later she was up to her neck in it! She wore herself out trying to stay on top of the snow AND chasing Jake & Hunter down the sledding hills. Ah, the life of a dog! :)

The boys were loving life! Our yard does not fail to provide plenty of places to sled down! They went down the waterfall into the pond for a while and then headed out for bigger and better hills. We had to drag Jake in after dark!

This kid is loving the snow this year! Ry and I took Mal and Jake skiing on Saturday. Mal is skiing with her school. NOTE TO time, don't try to snowboard for the first time in 12 years AND follow behind a newly skiing Mallory with a leash! Didn't go over so well!

Every year, the grade schools send the kids skiing everyday for almost a week of school. They get free ski school and free ski passes! So much fun! When you pair 4 days of skiing all day, basketball practice on Monday night and Basketball game on Wednesday night....well, lets just say Jake's VERY smart teacher is having a "Read In" AKA "Readathon" tomorrow. PJ's, pillows blankets and healthy snacks required! That will be nice. Jake is BEAT!

NOW.....You wanna know the story behind this picture. I mean besides the fact that Ry and I laugh hysterically everytime we see it! :) It is my favorite picture for a lot of reasons!

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Gear Gang said...

Okay, that is the funniest, cutest picture ever. I can't wait to hear about it.

Tammra said...

Awww, my kind of weather!! Wish I was there to "enjoy" it with you. I really should move there! Summer is my least favorite time of the year.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

... good thing that snow came AFTER I was up there... SUPER good thing... lol


Brian and Kayla said...

If you're longing for summer come on over to Houston, TX baby.

Love you!

-The Cooks

Brian and Kayla said...

Will you pack some of that snow up and send it to me? I'll even pay the postage.

Rideout Family said...

That is very cute picture of Jakob and that is a Big smile thanks!

~Maci Lee Rideout