Monday, February 8, 2010

How about a {MONDAY'S MENU}

Man oh Man do I have a lot of pictures I had every good intention of posting and never have! Now that life is starting to get back to normal a little, I thought I might try to catch up. And then I stumbled upon this.....

(Not to mention Green grass and warm days...sigh! I miss those!)
Is your mouth watering for these babies?! It should. Oh was this ever a delicious meal! AND pretty darn easy. Let me show you what you will need.

Ryan stumbled upon this stuff one day.  He brought it home and added it to my ribs I was about to cook. Oh my is it ever amazing! So, go out and get you some. You will love it!

Get 2 lbs. Baby Back Ribs. 
Put A LOT of this stuff on them. Ryan said that just when you have covered them completely and you think, OH SHOOT! That's too much....that's just about right. He is right about that!

Back them, covered, with just a little water in the bottom,  for 2.5 hours at 300 degrees. I like to use my Pampered Chef roaster for this one. It seems to keep them perfectly moist!
This is how they will look when you pull them out.

Now, baste the ribs in this sauce. It is the PERFECT mix with the seasonings we have already added.
Smother those babies. Broil or grill for a couple of minutes, flip, baste, broil again, flip, baste, broil again....repeat. Right up until you get all the sauce on it you want. We like them SUPER saucy! 

For the Asparagus: 
Toss with a little Olive Oil,  fresh ground pepper, and grated parmesan cheese. Grill or saute until done. 

GREAT! Now I am hungry for this again! So yummy!  
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Kristin and Jay said...

oh man! That little bit of green grass in the background makes me want to cry! And so do those ribs =) YUM!

Tana said...

Oh mercy. And the grill and the ...grass.