Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Boys and Their Hobbies

This summer Jake and Ryan really got into backpacking. (I told you there was a lot of pictures that needed posting, that I found.) Ryan said that Jake was quite amazing. He hiked his little tush off and never complained. All the while Jake packed his own pack. It was all quite the bonding experience for them.

This particular trip was with a lot of the Lindstrom's. They were in the Uintah's in Utah. They hiked a total of 26 miles. Jake with his own pack. Not a single complaint. What a good boy!

Jake's partners in crime....Mason and Tyler. These three are all within just months of each other in age. They have grown up quite close to each other and even with us living far away they still have quite a tight bond. They have the funniest chemistry when they all get together. They are total goof balls....much like their Dads!

During the trip there was a huge storm with a micro-burst that passed through camp. It was quite an experience. Ryan said it was raining pretty hard so he took Mason, Tyler & Jake in his tent to play cards and get them out of the rain. Suddenly he heard a huge popping sound. It took a split second to realize that a tree was coming down, odd really because they were surrounded by big healthy trees, none of them seemed weak or dead. Ryan bailed out of the tent with the boys as quick as he could. I think Lacy said she screamed at them as she realized it was the tree directly behind their tent.

The tree did fall. It fell in the opposite direction...a total blessing. Totally shook everyone up a bit. Especially the boys. Although they did enjoy standing my the broken tree stump and mocking it a bit.

Yep, total goof balls!
When Ry had called me about this whole thing I was totally taken back. I had spent the last few days feeling a very strong need to pray for their safety. I had a lot of anxiety of them on that trip. It was almost like I expected something horrible to happen. When I found out about this, and some of the experience Ryan had, I was SO grateful that they learned a powerful lesson in prayer....so did I!

Ryan's Dad, Jeff, Jake, Tyler then Mason.

I LOVE this picture of these three!

Ryan was the mastermind behind the planning of this trip. He is quite funny to watch pack. It's just a good thing I married him. Otherwise, I can't tell you how many times I would have been prepared. Sometimes we will be out on a trip and I am the one that packed. However, without me knowing, Ryan also did a little packing of his own. I can't count the times I say, "OH SHOOT! I TOTALLY FORGOT......" to which Ryan would reply, "I packed it". Yep, I might give him a hard time about being worse than any woman I know with packing, but really, I would be lost without him! :)

The whole gang on their trip.....

Back LtoR: Lacy, Ryan, Jeff, Clint, Jared
Front LtoR: Tyler, Jake, Mason
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Lindsey said...

Wow! What a fun trip, and Jake seems to be totally in his "zone" up there with the boys in the mountains!

But seriously. That first picture of the three boys in the tree stump really needs to be entered in a photo contest. It is HYSTERICAL!

Norris Fam said...

Not to freak you out or anything...but I just heard of a guy from Arizona who died when a tree fell on him while he was sleeping in his tent. His friend who was sleeping right next to him was totally fine. Thank goodness you were home praying for their safety.

I must say you should be proud of whoever was in charge of photography on that trip...those are some awesome pictures!!!

Christensen family said...

Okay those pictures were tooo darling of those little boys with their packs! What a beautiful background. Sure looks like a lot of fun!!!!