Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Restitution {Try Not to Enjoy This Too Much}

If this isn't restitution, I don't know what is. I tell you, I must love humble pie, cause I am about to eat an entire pie, all by myself!

I decided that since I was willing to post, for my entertainment, videos of Brian screaming and pictures of our irreverence, I had better be willing to post videos of myself, being painfully embarrassing....extremely hilarious, but painfully embarrassing, for the entertainment of others! And guess what Brian....I screamed too! :)

First I must apologize to my husband and children for what is about to be made public! Ah, what the heck! You know you me anyway! :)

This video comes with the disclaimer of....this was 50 lbs ago, thank you very much! And also the confession that I am totally all good with laughing at myself....a lot! I mean, this is stinking hilarious! Insanely hilarious even! Especially the part when my head gets wedged at the bottom! Oh my!



Kristin and Jay said...

Tears are running down my face right now!!! That is the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. My stomach hurts so bad right now. I have replayed it over and over........HI-LAR-IOUS!!! I am so glad that kid wasn't closer behind got some speed at the end, he could have been injured hahahahaha!........okay I have to go pee now....I can't even see as I am typing this!!! LOL!

Kristin and Jay said...

Ashlynn comes in because I am laughing so hard.....instead of laughing she says..."oh darn it, she was almost there".....LOL! Okay I just snorted! hahaha!

Courtney Price said...

Awesome. You need to come over and play :)

Norris Fam said...

That was so funny! I love you Amy! I can't wait until tomorrow to show Kallie and Syd :) I love your laugh so much..

Just Us said...

This is HILARIOUS! I need this laugh today.

MyR said...

This is even funnier than when I saw it over a year ago!!! I'm laughing so hard there's no sound! Back to watch and laugh a few more times. I MISS YOU!!!