Monday, April 23, 2012

There Are Too Many Chins On My Neck!

A few weeks ago I got to go to Houston, TX to do a fireside for the Young Women in my sister's ward. So, I thought I would take advantage of my trip there and extend for a little R & R and quality time with my sis and her cute family! 

Can I just say, this has to be one of the funnest, most relaxing weeks ever?! I had SO much fun with Kayla and Brian, and I became incredibly addicted to my cute nephews...and they to me, I might add! :) I've gotta show you some of the fun we had.....

We drove to Galveston to hang out on the beach and ride the ferry. 

Now some of you may know that NOTHING makes me laugh harder than a man screaming! So, this is why Brian and I are the perfect team. He provides the screaming and I laugh until I can't possibly laugh hard enough! I love dragging them out of him, he may not love it as much, but man do I love him for not hating me for torturing him a bit! :)

Case in point! The first time I forced him to do something that made him a little nervous....hand feed the crazy seagulls your Cheetos....check it out! 

The second time was a little more mean! See, this Jellyfish washed up on the beach and Brian HATES fish of any sort. I'm sorry Bri! I couldn't help myself! :) 

Oh how I love that! Now as long as he never finds out I am terrified of grasshoppers I am going to be alright! :) 

We loved playing on the beach for a bit in Galveston! The boys could have spent the entire day there, I am sure! 

My cute David! Oh I miss you! 

And crazy little Nathan and his HUGE smiles! Sigh! 

Gotta love when your baby feels the need to explore everything in the world with his mouth! 

The seaweed did not go over well! :) 

My beautiful sister, Kayla and little Nate. 

We wore him right out! Isn't that the cutest thing EVER?! 

Just before I got to Texas, little David had learned the unpleasantries of swallowing money. Well, I should say Brian and Kayla did. They were instructed to sort through each diaper until the money was retrieved. You should have heard the celebration when Kayla found this penny! She was totally excited and David went around the house saying, "I poop money!" the rest of the day! A talent I am sure many of us wish our children possessed! :) 

Then I used my bad influence to get Kayla to pose for this picture so we could send it to Brian at work! I am naughty! 

One of the stops on our trip was the Houston temple, where I talked Kayla into more irreverent picture taking! We seemed to be developing a theme! 

Afterward we went to Spring Creek BBQ for some REAL Texan BBQ. It was delish! Although, we later realized that there was a real possibility we had led the workers there into believing we were a polygamist family. Kayla was holding David...who looks just like his Dad, and I was holding Nathan, who also looks just like his Dad. Then when they asked where we were from we told them Colorado (Brian) and Utah. Now, we all know that Mormons do not practice Polygamy anymore, but I wonder if they knew that! Brian was wearing a BYU-Idaho sweatshirt and we were getting some interesting looks! We had a good laugh about that one! 

At one point during the week Kayla decided it was time to purge her closet of some of the clothes she had had since she was 12. I agreed. She tried on every last bit of clothing she owned and obeyed as I gave her the yay or nay, except for a few rebellious moments when she kept her old lady pleated skirts that she loved! :) I do so love to tease her about those! :) 

The consequences of the purge were SHOPPING, and lots of it! We hit the outlet Malls, which ROCKED and scored some sweet deals! Then we came home and Kayla let me give her a make over....what else are older sisters for?! So fun! And educational, even life changing....right Kayla?! :) 

And this is where things went! 

It was about midnight, and I stumbled upon Kayla's gold eye shadow. What the heck else was I supposed to do with it?! Put it on my lips of course! Gold Lips....AH YEAH!

Remember how I mentioned our theme of irreverent pictures? 

I wasn't kidding! For over an hour Kayla and I took pictures like this. Some....ok, probably all, but I am rebellious....were to remain in the deep dark recesses of my phone. Never to be seen again. They are hilarious....and unsightly! However, these few had to be shown, just to remind myself how crazy fun it is to goof off with my sisters! 

I have to be honest, I didn't know my face could do this! Kayla didn't know either! Oh the talents that can be found when you are exhausted, stupid silly and up WAY past your bedtime! 

It didn't take long before our crazy laughter would draw Brian in to check out what we were doing. We wrangled him into participating! That dude can do some crazy things with his chin...but you will never know, cause then they would kill me for showing those ones to you! They are too goofy! :) 

Bri and Kayla....I love you guys dearly! Thanks for entertaining this old lady! We are for sure going to do this again! I CAN'T WAIT!! 


MyR said...

I didn't think I could be more excited to come see you but I TOTALLY AM!!! I love you and your crazy self. WAHOO!!!

Brian and Kayla said...

I'm going to kill you.

Brian and Kayla said...

Why oh why did you have to post my fatty face pictures? Now people think my face is fatter than it really is. Good thing I love you. And okay, I admit I liked this whole post a lot.