Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh Yeah, Did I Tell You.....

I totally got my kids for April Fools Day! I got the idea from Ryan's aunt. She pulled this little trick on her kids when they were younger. I LOVED the idea and had to do it! 

We all know Mal is the MOST picky of all the kids EVER! So, on April 1st I made sure they were good and hungry for breakfast and I kept promising them the best surprise breakfast ever! 

They sat eagerly in their chairs as I walked toward them with a pot filled with their much anticipated breakfast. 

"IT'S MUSH!" I announced! "It was my very favorite thing to eat for breakfast when I was little and I thought you guys would love to try it!"

This was NOT received warmly.....(Pardon the picture quality. We snapped these with my phone.)

"NO!! I DON'T WANT MUSH!" Was exclaimed from both of the little people. 
Then I sat the pot on the table and told them to dish up. 

Jake leaned over the pot to bravely take a peek and man was he ever surprised! 

He shouted, "I LOVE MUSH!!" as he peered into a pot full of ice cream sundae! 

That's when I chimed in with an "APRIL FOOLS DAY". And then both kids believed me to be the most tricky, most awesome Mom EVER! :) 

Ice Cream Sundae's for breakfast?! Only on April's Fools Day! They were thrilled! 


Brian and Kayla said...

This made me laugh out loud.

Cindy said...

I do remember the day I did this. Amber was about 6 and she hated mush! She was in tears until I opened the lid. Then it was all smiles.