Monday, February 13, 2012

Notes To Dawson

Lately Mallory has been missing Dawson a lot. He is in all of her prayers and she mentions him A LOT! 

The other morning she got up REALLY early. When she walked out Ryan was already awake. She told him that she missed Dawson and needed paper so she could write him a note. 

This is what she did.....

"Dear Dawson I {heart} you. I miss you buba"

Breaks my heart...and warms it at the same time. I love that she remembers him so much. I love that she is comfortable talking about him and feels totally comfortable expressing her feelings about him passing away and her missing him. I am grateful that she knows that he still lives and that she will see him again! 

And, I am grateful that I have this little note to show her when she is older, to help her remember just how much he meant to her and how much she loves him. 

Now: I know I have been away for a bit. Check for an explanation. I have a little catch up to do and then a whole lot to post about. So, tomorrow will start a little fun updating and then we will get on with it, shall we?! 

See ya then! 

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Just Us said...

That is so sweet Amy. Love that little girl of your.s