Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yeah, I forgot to post these pics, and since this is a sort of journal/scrapbook for our fam, it was important to catch up. Lots of pictures, not as much words! :) ENJOY! 

First stop on the family tradition train is the Christmas Eve Eve Family Party! 

Dinner, presents, grandparents and a whole lot of fun! 

This is just how she rolls! :) Gets a book and can't do another thing until she has read every word in it....including the table of contents! :) 

Gma & Gpa Reynolds

Now there is another part of Lindstrom tradition that must be shared. 

Each year this story is brought up, told and laughed about. When Ryan was younger and Micro-Machines were all the rage, Christmas morning brought a lot of happiness to the Lindstrom brothers. Santa had brought a lot of Micro-Machines. Now, Ryan's dad does what every Dad does on Christmas morning. He would walk around keeping on top of the wrapping paper garbage by tossing it all in the fire. Time passes and someone asked what had happened to the Micro-Machines....can you see where this is going? 

Yep, sure enough, completely destroyed in a fire. All of them. Poor boys! 

So each year the story comes up and we tease Jeff a little bit. Well, this year he decided to make restitution.  And thank goodness for Ebay, because that was the only way this was possible. 

Each of the boys were handed a gift from Dad. 

And within seconds laughter started ringing through the house. 

Really hard laughing! It was SO hilarious! 

And Ryan was finally able to experience the excitement of actually having Micro-Machines for Christmas, and thankfully the fireplace has a permanent glass cover! These babies were going to survive!

And Ryan got to share his childhood dreams with Mally! :) 

This years big deal, with all of the boys, was Star Wars Miniatures. They are BIG into the game and Grandma has a way of making all of their wildest dreams come true! 

Which makes they VERY happy! 

And then leaves them to spend all of their time doing this! 

SIDE NOTE: HOLY SMOKES! Do you see Jake?! That is the EXACT position his Dad sits in while playing games! CRAZY! Could they be anymore alike?! 

Grandma Lindstrom decided to brave having all of the kids sleep over after the party! She is brave like that from time to time! The kids love it! We do to! :)

Next stop: 


This tradition has been on my Mom's side of the family since she was a little girl. It is a favorite of mine! 
MiMi's Cafe gets invaded by all of us. We take up a back room and enjoy the best breakfast ever! 

Oh the kids table! 

What a crazy bunch! 

 My Ma, Pa, Sisters, Brother & niece! 

The coolest group of guys you will ever meet. The one in the back corner on the right is single ladies!! Well, so are the front two, but their are still in High School. Jordan is a return missionary and threatening to become a menace to society, if he doesn't settle down! :) Jord and I were meant to be siblings. We tease each other like we are, anyway! :) I love him! :) 

Fast Forward to CHRISTMAS DAY! Tomorrow will be dedicated to just Christmas morning at our house. It is pretty hilarious to watch Mallory's excitement this year! 

Another Christmas tradition.....


LOVE IT! The last couple of years have been at my Dad's house (the handsome guy in red in the back ground...MAN ALIVE does he look like Grandpa Hardy in this picture!). We meet, open presents, then the Hardy's start rolling in like crazy and it gets loud with laughter. It is one of my favorite things in the world! SO love them all! 

I started playing with my new camera when this little cutie came crawling toward me. 

This is Klein. The cutest little stinker! Look at that little mug! I need to smooch those cheeks!

Lisa noticed I was trying out the features on the camera and decided she would model for me. 

Lisa and I tend to get all sorts of goofy when we are together. Of course neither one of us stay serious for very long and we almost always revert to our teenage girl days. Pretty funny! And it was all set off by the simple fact that her eyes were shut in this picture......

And soon progressed to this one.....

And then this one sent us both into a fit of laughter! 

And then we both stopped breathing. We are dorks! Dorks are cool! 

Speaking of cool. Check out these two cool guys (Ry & my Bro Kyle) having a grown up conversation on the couch. Totally oblivious to the immaturity blossoming all over the couch next to them! Too bad for them! :) 

Alright, I tried to cram as much Christmas as I could into 2 posts. That should get us past the uncomfortably delayed posts. :) 

Catch ya on the flip side! 

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