Monday, September 5, 2011

MONDAY'S MENU {Chocolate Sandwiches}

My little sister, Lisa, is the person to thank for this! Not so much a recipe as a GENIUS idea!!

My Mallory is perhaps one of the PICKIEST eaters EVER! Funny thing is, the kid will eat ANYTHING that looks or acts like a raw vegetable! It's crazy! Who says to their kids, "Honey, you need to stop eating your carrots & cucumbers and try some of your meat!" We do! That's who!

I am SO glad that her food of choice is ALWAYS a salad with "crazy raisins" (cranberry raisins). However, the child needs protein & calories! Cheese...out! Butter....out! Peanut Butter....out! Eggs...out! Meat....out! Well, actually she WILL eat meat, but only if it comes in a McDonalds Happy Meal....and who knows if that is really meat anyway!

We have done the battle of try everything on your plate. We have done the, "If you don't eat that now, you will get it for breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, until you try it. Nothing else." I mean, Dr. Phil promises a child will not starve themselves. I beg to differ! Dry heaving, shaking & 43 hours after her last meal, the only way I could get her to eat ANYTHING was to tell her she would have to go to the hospital for an IV. This tactic won't work with Mallory. Jake....well, he would cave within 30 min! Mal....43 hours +! That is not ok! Her pain receptors work a bit differently and I don't even know that she really ever gets the hunger signal.

So, we have compromised and dinner time has become so pleasant! Each night I make something that I know she will like, like salad. Then, if she is willing to try everything she gets an otter pop at the end of dinner. If not, she can have yogurt or ovaltine as a protein, but she has to eat a protein. She has agreed. The heat is off, and from time to time she actually voluntarily tries something! It is SO much better!

Lisa's trick to get Mallory to eat lunch......


Even the word chocolate automatically sends Mallory's taste buds into a happy dance! This is one thing she will NEVER turn down! Have you tried Nutella? It's like Hazelnut butter with cocoa in it! YUM!!

Nutella + Bread = Chocolate Sandwich

Then, you can add a few twists to your sandwich.....

Nutella + Peanut Butter
{Reeses Sandwich}

Nutella + Strawberry Jam
 {It's like chocolate dipped strawberries on a sandwich}

Nutella + Banana

Nutella + Peanut Butter + Banana

Nutella + Marshmellows + Peanut Butter
{Something Ryan would LOVE}

This opens up a whole new world of variety for sack lunches! And my kids LOVE them!

Also, have you ever heard of Brummel & Brown Strawberry Spread?

It is a yogurt based butter. Much easier on your heart. The strawberry is DIVINE & it is Pink.

Mallory calls these "Pink Frosting Sandwiches".

Oh man, if anyone hears my childs request for Chocolate or Pink Frosting Sandwiches, I am sure they will think I am the worlds worst mom! It's ok. My kids think I am the worlds best....and it is they whom I like to make smile the most! So bring on the sandwiches....I SAY! :)

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Norris Fam said...

Great idea! Whatever works...we moms have to get creative sometimes!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Check out Tammy Dayton Bingham from PG's story about her two boys and their food issues related to Autism and how Brain Balance is changing their lives. Pretty incredible stuff and they are opening their own center in St. George.