Friday, September 2, 2011

HUGE GIVEAWAY!! {Everyone That Enters Wins Something}

Ok my friends! Are you ready for this mondo-huge-you-totally-want-to-enter-this-giveaway giveaway?!

My friend Frances is a genius!

Frances is a runner. If you are a runner....or totally get that wispy hairs flying in your face ANNOY! Well, Frances came up with this totally awesome headband! Because of the way she makes them and because of the fabric, these babies DO NOT MOVE! They hold your hair right in the place you put them! AND they do that while being totally comfortable, not pulling your hair and being TOTALLY cute!

I have to admit that I totally thought they were super cute, but I didn't think they would work on me. My head is apparently odd shaped. Every headband I have ever tried immediately rolls up and then falls off. Totally annoying. However, I finally got to try these babies out and I AM IN LOVE! They totally do stay! They are super comfy and WAY cute! I can wear them when I am working out or I can wear them to dress up an everyday ponytail or hairdo! They are really cute! Plus, mine fit Mally's head and she LOVES them! She never keeps headbands on, but she totally loves these!

They come in different widths and TONS of different colors & patterns! Like check this one out......

This is a thinner width one that is folded in half. The secret is the fabric on the inside. They are not elastic, except for a small strip on the bottom. The fabric on the inside is SUPER soft, but totally makes it hold itself in place on your head! So cool!

Here is Frances at....I believe her first marathon! She is wearing the wider headband. So stinking cute!

This is my niece, Olivia. We just ran our first ever 5k together! Before the race she stopped by the Active Bands booth and picked up a headband of her own. SHE LOVES IT! She said, "I love this thing! It stays in my hair right wear I put it and doesn't ever move!" That was totally without ever being told that is the purpose for their design! I guess they work! :)

Plus, look how cute her little design is!

You guys are going to love these! You can totally use them for your girls, yourself, for running or exercising or just for everyday!

Now let's get to the skinny!

Frances has been EXTREMELY generous with us! She wants to give everyone the opportunity to try them out! So everyone is a winner! PLUS, there are 3 BIG prizes up for grabs, so be sure to enter in as many ways as you can!


1st Place:
$50 Giftcard to use on

2nd Place:
$30 Giftcard to use on

3rd Place:
$20 Giftcard to use on

25% off your entire purchase at (Click the link below & scroll to "How to Enter" for details)

So, now that you totally want to enter.......

GO HERE for directions & be sure to leave all of your comments there...not here. Otherwise your comments won't be counted and MAN would that stink!


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