Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Your Marks....Get Set......

In my opinion, the main ingredient in making a FABULOUS summer is exercise! Really, I got up almost every single morning this Summer at 4:45 - 5:30 am. I headed out & hit the gym for spinning, the pool for swimming, or the road for running or biking. By about 8 - 8:30am everyday I would return home with a MASSIVE amount of energy! The thought of staying inside all day couldn't even enter my mind! We had to get out and do something SUPER fun! And we did!

I learned this Summer that if the Mother is active the rest of the family follows! Ryan has loved riding his bike in the past, but this year, that picked up quite a bit. He would come home, grab his bike & then take off for a few hours. It made him happy. Happy Ryan makes me REALLY happy! He was so supportive of all that I wanted to do this Summer! I was SO excited when we talked him into competing in a Mountain Bike Race at Sundance! We were so pumped to get to watch him and cheer him on!

[Ryan and our friend KC Holley]

 KC is married to Chris, the guy that introduced me to Ryan {THANKS CHRIS}. She & Chris pretty much dominate all things Mountain Biking! They race like crazy and win like everything! :) They are sponsored and really have a blast with it all! Seriously, google "Chris or KC Holley Mountain Bike"! You will see! :)

While we waited for Dads race to start Mallory requested that I take her picture with this rock. Sitting a top such a big rock is serious business!


And then, we wait! The ride is up around the back side of the hill. While we were lounging in the shade on blankets, Ryan was climbing about 2,000 ft in elevation on a bike. This is why I road bike! I'm not too keen on the steep climbing!

Ryan would complete 2 trips around the loop! That means he would make that climb twice! Our friend Chris was riding in "Pro" class so he did it 3 times! It was fun to watch him and KC come FLYING by! Man! How do you bounce over rocks that fast without totally eating dirt?! That is why I leave it to them! Cause I don't like the taste of dirt! It's gross!

WOO HOO!! There is my man! Flyin by after his first round! I'm so proud!

And this is him coming up the last hill at the end of the race! I am so glad he did this! I can't wait until next Summer! We are going to have to see what other races we can find!

Oh, and guess what happened!! While I was chatting with Chris & KC at the finish line, along comes this guy to chat with Chris......

TYSON! Totally funny! He was my fave on his first season. Seriously hilarious!

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