Friday, June 24, 2011

White Rock Meadow

One of the things that excited us about moving back to Utah was the opportunity to be close to family, doing family things. Ryan grew up in Cedar Hills, UT. When he was younger there were pond to catch tadpoles, gravel pits, mountains for endless adventures. He grew up living an adventure every single day with his 5 brothers and his sister. When he was just 12....maybe younger, he and his brothers would head across canyon road and take off up into the foothills to camp for the night! He has a lot of good and fun memories of camping with his family, especially his siblings.

Ryan's Dad called a couple of weekends ago. He wanted to backpack up to White Rock Meadow and camp over night. Who was in?!

Amazingly, everyone pulled together pretty quick! Not only the guys, but they voluntarily took their kids!! Clint (far left) brought 4 of his 5, Ryan took Jake AND Mallory, and Jared, whose wife was out of town, took all 4 of his, even the baby, although, they didn't stay over night.

We are lucky to live in an area where this was just across the street from my in laws house! It is BEAUTIFUL!

Have I told you that Mallory has a total passion for hiking?! Since the first time we took her, she loves it more than anything else!

Jeff (Father in law), Clint & Kevin

One of the fun things that happened on this trip was that Mallory and Brigham (Briggy), found their love for each other. Brig is just a bit younger than Mal, but oh do they ever love each other!

Ry said they stuck to each other the whole time and everytime we have been around him since this trip, they run to each other and we have to peel them apart at the end of the day! I LOVE THAT!

I love that Ryan had Mallory carry her weight. I mean, even if she is too small to carry in the tent or a sleeping bag, she had to take her little backpack filled with her clothes for the trip. She loved it!

They made it!

Mallory has a bit of an obsession with tents! Getting to actually sleep in one....THE BEST EVER!

Just after they got camp set up the rain started to come down pretty hard. The boys gathered in our tent with Ry for a little "Kings & Pee-ons".

Mallory insisted on a photo shoot with Dad. She kept telling him to take pictures of them together.

A little blurry but I LOVE it! I love that Ryan loves her SO much! They have really a special bond!

After a bit the rain stopped and they all piled out for dinner and campfire.

Now, this is where I am glad that I wasn't there. I tend to be a little over protective. I would not have let Mallory out of my sight, for fear she would disappear. Ryan, he is attentive, but not paranoid. He said that the whole time they were around the fire Mal & Briggy were off in the trees, in the dark, playing "Zelda & Link". He said they could hear them the whole time, but they were having the time of their lives.

And, I am sure things were a little lively around the fire too! :)

At about 10pm Mal came and found Ryan. She wanted to announce that she was beat and it was time for bed. She sacked out HARD!

In the morning, they all got up for a little breakfast and packing up.

I love that you can see the sleep all over Brig! Cute boy!

Mally hiked down the mountain with Grandpa. I love my father in law! He is such a sweet grandpa! They kids all love him so much! I am glad he had the idea to head up the mountain and that he is willing to put these things together. He is a good good man and we are all blessed to have him! I also love that he calls the kids by little nicknames like, "Little Snipe", "Toad" and "Deary". :)

Look at that view! Can you find the temple? Beautiful!

Mal & the girls (Oliva & Eliza)

What a fun trip! I am so glad that our kids have the opportunity now to live close to family and make fun memories with all of them!


MyR said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I'm so excited to go see family this weekend just because I can. COUSIN POWER is the BEST!!! My grandpa always had nicknames for us too. Mine? I was Snicklefritz! Don't know where that one came from??? haha! Don't be jealous!

Ben and Kelli said...

LOVE these pics, and what a fun idea! I miss all the gravel pits and tadpole ponds, nasty though they were! I'm glad you guys are getting to enjoy all the awesome adventures!!

Lombardo Family said...

Ahhh....what a fun trip! Seriously, that is the greatest that all those men just pack up the kiddos and head for the hills. What GREAT memories!