Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

I love this boy! The other day he came out of our room dressed in his Dad's clothes and laughing hysterically about it. He couldn't wait until Ryan saw him! They both had a pretty good laugh!

Jake is so kind and sweet! I love watching him grow and mature. You know, there are days that make you wonder if you are doing all you can to help your children be kind and thoughtful, etc. Heavens knows how many times I have fallen short! However, this boy of mine is just GOOD! He is a wild turkey, but man does he ever have a good soul! That makes me happy!

I have caught him this last week, a few times, helping other people. Total strangers. But there he was. Helping a woman get the vacuum hose while she was trying to clean her care out, speaking so sweet to her. Helping a teenage boy that couldn't unbuckle from a ride we had just gone on at the carny. I turn around to see if he was right behind me....he wasn't. He was back there trying to unbuckle the kids seat belt for him. He is a good boy!

AND......he babysits!! Ry and I went out 2 nights in a row this last weekend. We called Jake at 8:30pm and asked him to put Mal to bed. He asked if he could keep her up a little longer, "cause she is good company". Hahaha. We agreed. At 9pm he had her put on her PJs and he read her a story, tucked her in and put her to bed. The boy is amazing under the pressure of responsibility! PLUS.....IT ROCKS that he can babysit Mal! We have entered a whole new realm of life! And I LOVE IT!

I also have to add that I love that Jake points out cute babies in church, or at the store. He LOVES little kids and he is SO sweet with them! He was so amazing with Dawson. So loving. It breaks my heart from time to time that he can't still have that opportunity to serve D, but because of his bond with Dawson, he is a kinder more loving boy! What a blessing! What a boy!

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