Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GASP!! How Could I Have Forgotten to Post This?!

Well, she said yes to the PERFECT dress! Which is great because she also said Yes to the perfect man....for her. I mean, I already have the perfect man, but not so perfect for her because they are siblings and that would just not be right, MOVING ON!

Here they are! The perfect bride and groom! Aren't they adorable?!

Yeah, I am creeped out too! I mean look at that baby face!

This is Aunt Lacy (the bride) with her nephew Mason. Mason is 11! He is freakishly tall for his age, and she is freakishly small for hers. We had a heck of a lot of fun seeing who could measure up to our dear Mason.

Aunt Peggy....she didn't make the cut! Of course, you have to be tall enough to ride the rides at Disneyland to stand a chance. So, Peggy's out. :) Hahaha! We love Peggy! She is a riot! Remember?

Let's get back to it......

Ah! Here they are! "The Cop" and Lacy. And boy are they happy!

I mean like REALLY!

And why wouldn't they be?! They were married and sealed for Time and all Eternity, in the Temple, today. That means their family is forever! We like those kinds! The forever ones! It sure makes us happy that ours is one. And now we are even more happy because Kevin & Lacy's is too.
(And I never miss an opportunity to make sure the cop knows that he is stuck with me forever too! As his sister in law! I mean, isn't that AWESOME for him?! He thinks so! I am sure of it!)

On the way to the temple Ry made sure that I was good and glad that he is mine by very stylishly pulling off the "I got a butterfly on my sunglasses" look. Too bad when a man breaks his sunglasses, has to have some, and the only option is his super fly wifes pair. Awesome!

Before the wedding we had a fantabulous luncheon! Totally Cop & Lacy style! Sliders, Sweet Potato fries, Italian Soda bar, Crepe bar (divine!)....TOTALLY Yum!

And because they are posers, I was able to snap this beauty! Nice! Can I just say, this is the only time I had seen Kevins "Cop" face! I mean, NO WAY will be speeding through Murray anytime soon! EEK!

Ah, much sweeter! Aren't they cute?!

This is Clint (the oldest of 7 kids) and my hubby. Sometimes they look a lot alike to me. They are built the same. Sometimes, when we are all together, I have to check before I go grabbin hineys. I mean, if I ever caught hold of Clint's, I would probably pass out! I wonder what kind of grief he would give me for the rest of my life. No kind of good grief, that I am certain of!

(Jared, Eric, Kevin, Lacy, Clint, Hot Hot Hot um, Ryan)

Now THIS is a group I am glad to be related to! We were missing Logan (and his family of course). He was stuck in North Dakota. The weather stunk and there was no way they were going to make it. SAD! We missed them for sure!

Eric! Now this is what happens when I try to get him to smile just at me. Yep, I evoke that kind of emotion from people. A little happy, a little scared out of your mind. Look away Eric! Look away!

Oh see, that is MUCH BETTER! What a good lookin group (especially the guy on the far right)!

Look at these girlies! Aren't they so cute?! All of Lacy's neices love her SO much! I mean, she is the favorite after all. I try, but I will never outshine her queen royal nut nut! :)

Again with the Bad Cop!! I mean, if those flowers were a gun, I would be shakin in my boots man! As it is....he is too big of a goof to really worry me!

And for the dress.....
I mean, it is PERFECT! Beautiful! Lacy looked AMAZING in it!
The shoe selection....AWESOME! I mean, sure as heck beats the Keds I wore.....

Congrats Kev & Lace! We love you!


Cindy said...

What a great day! Lacy was radiant.
Love all the great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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