Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Say YES To The Dress!

Oh, JOY, JOY, JOY! Ryan's only sister is GETTING MARRIED! We absolutely LOVE Lacy! We couldn't be happier for her! Kevin A.K.A. "The Cop" is a perfect match for her! They are crazy happy....I am too, actually. Wanna know why?

Well, Eliza (our niece) informed Lacy that she isn't quite as excited about the union because, get this, married people aren't as fun! She is worried that Lacy won't be as fun anymore, and THAT would be a shame, since Lacy IS the current favorite Aunt.

Yes, shame indeed!

Guess who is runner up favorite Aunt....ME! I totally am! (Be quiet Jana & Jaz! I AM!) 

I may be married, but I have 13 years of trying to re-establish the "Fun". As of March 18th Lacy will be more un-fun than me! She will be newly married and here's to hoping she loses every ounce of fun in her body. I mean, because I am pretty sure that is the only way I can bump her out of the running! :) I can hope anyway! :) 

Speaking of FUN! Lacy invited all the girls (minus our Jasmine that lives MUCH too far away) to go wedding dress shopping! So much fun! She was game to try on anything. We were game to throw ANYTHING her way! We were waiting for that "Say Yes To The Dress" moment. You know, the blubbering, teary, "This is the one", Moment! Did we get it? OH YES! WE DID! 

Let's run through the favorites, you know....until the one came along.  
(Sorry about the picture quality. Poopy lighting. Grrrr!)

(inverted v waistline....lovely)

 (oh, the side swipe ruching goodness! This one was a definite fave until "the one".)

(and then this lovely came along and knocked out every other dress in my book....at least until "the one". I mean, the sash! the drop waist! the goodness! LOVED IT!)

Back of #3
(The girl has like very narrow hips. PERFECT for the drop waist! BEAUTIFUL!)

(LOVE. Not a fave for Lacy. The bottom didn't match her style much, but still, SO PRETTY!)

(Nice. Love the face expression. "Expected" is the term that we adopted at this point. We were looking for "UN-expected".

(So pretty on her! Simple. Pretty.)

(Totally not her style. However, I love this picture! It makes her look 6 feet tall. Which is big, considering she is SO NOT! More like 5 foot nuthin'! But good things come in small packages, right?! This dress was nixed pretty quick, but it was fun to see on her.)

(This one caught my eye on the mannequin. It was in an almond color. WOWZA! I liked! It was totally not Lacy's style, but she was willing to humor me. They only had it in white. Didn't love so much. But the little girls loved the photo op!)

Of course, you are going to have to wait for the picture of this one! No way am I ruining the surprise. Let's just say that it solicited this sort of reaction from Lacy......

Yes, this is "Look at the size of that delicious dessert! I am so excited" Lacy. I swear to you, I have a picture of Lacy in  "THE DRESS" with this EXACT same expression! Hand up and everything! Really, it looks like I photo-shopped it! So funny! 

Needless to say, she walked out, completely lit up. We gasped. I took 4 million pictures. She tried on the previous favorites. We booed. She tried on "THE ONE" and we cried with joy. Then we went to Nordstroms and bought KILLER shoes! 


Congrats my dear Sis! Can't wait until March 18th! 

Good Luck keeping your "Fave Aunt" title! Mwah Ha Ha Ha! :)  


Amber said...

I'm so happy for Lacy right now I'm literally crying!! I'm so excited for her!!

Gear Gang said...

Congrats to Lacy. I am so happy for her.

I am going to get you alone ans make you show me that picture of THE ONE :)

Stout Ranch said...

She looks great in all of those dresses; can't imagine how good she will look in 'the one'!