Thursday, February 17, 2011

Couldn't Get Over This.......

We are settled in at my Grandma's House. They are settled in the warm sun in Arizona. We are so grateful for the chance to "House Sit" for them while they are gone. It is really giving us the chance to get our feet under us and figure out what is next for our little family. I lived with my Grandparents off and on growing up. This is comfy for me. It is like my second home. I love it!

The kids were not all that fond of the idea of sleeping downstairs. There are only 2 rooms upstairs. The kids spent the entire summer in the same room in the trailer. They did great. I mean, they had their moments, but they have grown so much closer. Putting them on the same queen mattress was really going to test their limits. I think they are doing alright!

Ry and I had a good laugh about this! Look how cute they are! They usually don't cuddle up so much, and generally keep their own sides of the mattress. When we showed them this picture in the morning they both had a good laugh. Jake said, "What the heck!" He couldn't believe that he would be so sweet....I guess! :)

The funny thing is that when they got up the next morning they were the best of friends. They played all day together. They shared everything with each other. Jake helped Mallory do her jobs. I mean....WHAT had gotten in to them?! Whatever it was, I hope it stays! :)


Gear Gang said...

That is so sweet. By the way they slept together on Bridger's little twin mattress for the 10 days I had them.

Maybe there is something about having too...or wanting to... share rooms, beds whatever with siblings that makes them closer.

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

I can't believe they didn't kill each other on a Twin mattress, Lees! :) That is funny!

I do have to say that this last year they have become SO much closer. They have their moments of wanting to strangle each other, but overall they are pretty good buddies. I think it has to do with them sharing a room in the trailer and now sharing a room AND queen mattress here.

They both thought it was pretty funny that they slept like this without even knowing it. :)

I think there is a closeness that comes with sharing a bed with your siblings. Of course, if Mom put you and I in the same bed, I would have been kicked to death in my sleep! :)

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

I am so super cool, I cant stand it!!! There is only one other person cooler than me and that is my little sister, Lisa :)

Amy said...

LISA!! Log out!! You little stinker! No fair highjacking my account! :)

I mean, this officially removes you from the 2nd "super cool" person I know! Totally 3rd now! :)

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

i was just thinking to myself today......

Man, I love my little sister, Lisa so much. She reminds me of a song that goes something like this....

"You, you light up my life. You give me hope to carry on.... Youuuu light up myyyyy life..."

Your the best little sister ever!!!


Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

LISA!!! You are a hacker! You know where Hackers go?!

I mean I love you...but it's wearing off! :)