Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a Small Flash Back.......

Yes, I know I am behind on this one, but I just had to make sure it was documented. For family purposes more than anything else.

This year for Easter Ry was out of town. The Easter Bunny came, like always in our house, on Saturday.

The kids were not disappointed! Mallory got a Tangled Barbie and a hot pad loom kit....

and Jake got a Lego Star Wars kit and some Bean something or others.

They were both happy and spent the day playing with each other. Sunday we made sure to focus entirely on the true meaning of Easter. I love this new tradition of ours. We started it a few years ago and it really makes a huge difference.

One thing we were focused on, as a family this year, is what the Resurrection means to our family. I thought a lot about the day we went to dress Dawson's little body, before we burried him. I thought about how that day, the only thing that kept me from totally breaking apart, was the thought of dressing Dawson's sacred body in his white suit and getting him all ready for that glorious day when the Lord, Jesus Christ, will return to the Earth and Ryan, using the power of the priesthood will call our Dawson from his grave. Then we will be reunited, in our physical bodies, with our son. He will be so incredibly handsome in his little white suit, that his Daddy made certain he had. I can only imagine the feelings of that day, but from what I can imagine, it has got to be one incredible moment of victory over death and gratitude for our Redeemer and our loving Father in Heaven, for such a gift!

The Ressurection holds new weight for us. The Atonement is what makes it all possible. We were so grateful to have such a special and sacred gift to celebrate this year! We look forward to that day! We know it will happen! How great and amazing is that gift?!

The weekend was such a great one! It was so much fun for all of us to get to spend it with family this year, since we live in Utah! A huge cherry on top for us, for sure! :)

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Lombardo Family said...

oh Amy, I just love this post. I can always feel the spirit when I read your posts.