Tuesday, May 10, 2011


How is this all going by so fast?! I can't believe Jake is 11! I mean, that is 1 year until he holds the Priesthood. 2-3 yrs until full blown arm pit hair (an obsession of his) and a deeper voice. 4 years until driving and GASP dating. 6 years until High School Graduation. 7 years until 1 year of college down. 8 years until Mission. 10+ years until married and kids.....I mean.......You know that this is going to go by fast! I'm sort of having a moment right now! ICK!

Let's get back to the simpleness of 11, shall we?!

We had big plans for the big day! We woke Jake up at 6:30 am so he could open presents before Dad headed to work.

I stayed up late the night before making this beauty! How sweet is that?! AND the inside was RAINBOW CAKE, which was a special request from Jake and is always a crowd pleaser!

Jake worked to keep his little peepers open. I mean, 6:30am is early when you are not so used to it!

This years bday is themed around Basketball! Miami Heat to be exact! Jake is totally into them. Specifically Dwayne Wade, #3. Pretty funny!

And I am pretty sure that I have washed this jersey many times since April 18th! It has been worn and worn and worn. He LOVES it!

This basketball hoop for the back of his door was a really good idea....right up until he started using it. The slam dunks rattle the hinges. Oh well! At least we are only bugging the neighbors during the day, as opposed to their loud voices outside our windows at 1 am. Oh condo living....so great, isn't it?!

Jake was super excited about all the gifts and the decorations! The day started out with a whole lotta feeling the love from Mom & Dad! It didn't stop there. Ry and I checked Jake out of school for lunch. We took him to Wingers for a special lunch with just us. Dessert included. He thought that was pretty cool!

After school I picked up Jake and a few more of his buddies to head to his bday party and Grandma Lindstrom's house. Jake had about 13 friends come! SO FUN! They ran around outside for a while, opened presents and then headed into the theatre to watch Napoleon Dynamite. Those boys and that movie!!

After the birthday party we rushed home for quick pizza and then the family started rolling in for cake and ice cream.

Grandparents and Great Grandparents, cousins, Uncles and Aunts. This is honestly something we have missed so badly, while living in Idaho. Now that we are back, we wanted to make sure Jake got the full experience of a celebrated bday and the kid was THRILLED with it all!

Thanks so much to all of our family and friends for his presents! He got a pretty big chunk of change to add to his savings. He is hoping to buy a foosball table for himself sometime soon! Woo Hoo! :)

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Brian and Kayla said...

How fun! I love Jake and I just can't believe that he is getting so old. Where have the last 4 years gone?

Your place is adorable. I really admire your ability to make anywhere feel like home. It would be so easy to not go through the hassle of decorating and stuff because it is a transitional phase, but whether it is a trailer or a condo or a huge house in Hailey...it doesn't matter! You make everything so nice and cozy. What a great example. I also think it is awesome how Jake is learning how to adapt to change. That will really make it easier for him to do things like serve a mission and branch out at college. What a good kid! And you better let him read this so he knows how much aunt Kayla loves him.