Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break {CAKE}

{R A I N B O W}

(This is one of Brooke's pictures)

My dear friend Carrie introduced me to Brooke's blog a few years ago. Brooke and I are now great friends...haven't met in person, but SOMEDAY! Right Brooke?!

Brooke's blog is private so I get to show YOU just a small piece of her brilliance! She made this cake the other night and posted about it. I begged for directions knowing that I would have 5 KIDS to entertain all week. She, of course, dished the details! IT WAS A HIT!

(2) Boxes of White Cake Mix
Sprite Zero
And a WHOLE lotta food coloring
Piled just so, a cup at a time....

Baked at 350 degrees for 28 min and.....

(Another of Brooke's Pics, mine didn't do it justice!)



It rained all day, on top of snowing all night. The weather stunk and we were stuck inside, but we weren't sad about it at all. We made this cake and 24 cupcakes for Visit Teaching ladies. The cake is really quite good! No Oil, No Eggs, just sprite in place of the water! That's it! PERFECTION!

Next, we shall venture into Pink and Purple striped cupcakes....just for FUN!

(Directions for this cake are in the comments, if you want them)

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Lindsey said...

Dang! That is the happiest, prettiest cake I've ever seen! I want to make it...I would be smiling with every bite. It reminds me of that Lucky Charms guy when he says (in his Irish accent) "...all the colors of the rainbow!" (lol)

Norris Fam said...

No eggs...what? How much sprite zero...give us details lady!

MyR said...

The batter looks like the stuff on the movie Hook. Tyann was glued to the screen once she saw all the fun colors though. I agree with Carrie...details!!!

Amy Lindstrom said...


(2) Boxes Betty Crocker White Cake
2.5 c. Sprite Zero (can use Reg.)
Gel Food colors (Brooke said these
are at Walmart. I don't have
a Walmart so I used regular
food coloring and followed
the chart on the back of the
box to get the colors.)

*Mix together Cake Mixes and Sprite for 3 min. (The Sprite replaces the water called for on the back of the box.) And that's it. No oil, no eggs...just that!

*Divide equally into 6 seperate bowls. Each bowl will have about a heaping cup full.

*Add color to each bowl. Stir well.

*Starting with Red poor about 3/4 c. of batter into the center of a GREASED & FLOURED 9" round pan. Then move to orange. Pour the same amount into the center of the red. Then yellow on orange, green on yellow, blue on green and purple on blue. As you pour they will gradually seep out the edge. Tap the pan on the counter top to settle.

*In the next pan do the same thing only work backwards (Purple first, then blue, green, yellow, orange & red)

*Bake at 350 for 22 min, or until it passes the toothpick test. Mine took a little longer.

*Remove from oven. Let cool for 15 min in pan then remove. I carefully slid a knife around the edges to be sure it was free from the sides. Then I flipped it over onto a plate and it slid right out. Be careful with this part. You don't want it to be stuck and fall apart.

*When cool FROST with your favorite frosting. I used butter cream. Not my favorite. However, I am not to sure I really have a favorite store bought. They all are kinda too sugary or something. I would use chocolate if I didn't want to color the frosting. Brooke suggested Yellow between the layers for the sun and blue frosting on the outside for the sky. Which is what I did! FUN!

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have questions!

Christensen family said...

Looks fun and yummy! Thanks for posting the recipe! We will try this during our spring break!

Tana said...

So yummy! I want to come over right now and have some, except there probably isn't any left.

Matt called me last night like, "What is taking you so long?" I said, "I ran into Amy and Mindy, just be glad they didn't take me up on my dessert offer." It felt so good just to stand and visit without kids interrupting every two seconds. We should do that more often. T

Rideout Family said...

I want a piece of that cake. I bet it's as fun to eat as it is to look at.

[BrookeO] said...

I am so glad that you liked it. Awesome huh?! I love that you always give me major credit. No need to!!!!!

AND YES, some day we will meet up. Can't wait for that.

Love ya chicka!

Gear Gang said...

So cool! I am going to definatly try this. It would be fun to do a rainbow B-day party. Serve this cake and have the kiddies do tie dye shirts for an activity.

Oh my mind is thinking up all sorts of possibilities.