Thursday, March 19, 2009


I wish these pictures came with SOUND!

These boys are HILARIOUS! Ryan and I stood in the doorway and watched their GOOFY-NESS unfold.
It all started when I snapped a shot of Tyler, who happened to be shirtless, which caused them all to giggle uncontrollably.

Jake & Mason were laughing SO hard, so Tyler proceeded to entertain....

The giggles turned to all out head tipped back belly laughing. Ryan and I joined in at this point.

And then it came to this! Hike those pants up buddy! Nothing like Nipple high PJ's!

Mason HAD to join in!

And join in he did!

OH NO! Not all three! We have lost them all to the dark side!

Every night bed time is like this. There is giggling and craziness. It is quite fun to listen to, and at times watch! They laugh until Tyler can't hold his eyes open anymore. Then Mason tries to help pry them open. Soon enough they end up totally ZONKED out! Jake sideways in his bed, Mason all sprawled out on the air mattress and Tyler....well, Tyler is upside down, halfway under Jake's bed, rolled off the mattress and on the floor, TOTALLY OUT!

The next morning I tell them how they looked and the giggling starts ALL OVER again!



Lindsey said...

Ohh, boys are so dang funny! All I can say is having pants up that high can NOT be comfortable!

By the way - I loooove your vintage-y school desk in the background! So cute!

Norris Fam said...

Silly boys! In the future if they have problems fathering children show them these pictures and they will understand where/when the damage was done :)

muggins mahooney said...

Oh the blackmail pictures! The mothers of all these guys should be able to get their boys to do anything for the rest of their mortal lives!

jill said...

I can't believe how old those boys are getting! That last picture is hilarious...I think I have a picture somewhere of Kevin making that EXACT same face that Jake is making at the same age, he is definitely a Lindstrom!