Monday, February 7, 2011

Found the charger! Woo Hoo!

And this.......
is the only picture I have from Christmas. Ah Man!
 Note to self: Charge the camera battery BEFORE Christmas, parties or big events.
Thank goodness for Mental Images! :)

Fun family parties, the surprise announcement that we had officially moved to Utah, getting ourselves settled, Santa, a MEGA surprise for all came together to make this a really fun, very memorable Christmas! Is it crazy that I am posting about Christmas?! A little! I's almost Valentines Day, for goodness sake! What can I say? :)

Wanna know the mega surprise? I am the best wife! :)

Ryan has wanted this for a LoooooNG time.........

Did you know that Ryan is crazy amazing on the guitar? Did you know he writes some pretty impressive music?

Well, of course you didn't! He has not had a way to record the goodness that flows from his fingertips. Not anymore my friends, not anymore!

I am pretty certain Ryan didn't think, especially with the move to Utah, that he would be getting this software anytime soon. Years maybe. So, I threw a little somethin somethin together. His parents, my parents, one of his brothers and I went in together and ordered this baby. On Christmas Eve my parents handed Ryan the present they got for us and told him it was partly for his birthday too. Oh, if you could have seen his face! (Which you could of had the battery been charged!)  He was SO excited! SO Surprised! It goes down as one of my favorite surprises EVER!

You can expect good things from Mr. Lindstrom! He has a bit of learning to do. This recording software is crazy intense. However, the end result of any music he records is a professional quality CD. AWESOME! I can't wait!

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