Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, as you have noticed, I have been slow to post on this here blog. YLU is back in full swing, but OUR Life Uncommon...well, since this is a blog all about our life it is generally filled with pictures of the daily goings on in the Lindstrom family. And as luck would have it, I can't find my dern camera battery charger! UGH! It seems to be lost in the abyss that is our storage unit, or in a bag or box yet unpacked, or possibly lost along the road somewhere between Utah and Idaho! We are making the journey back to Idaho today, not as far as Hailey, but to Twin Falls. Our lovely trailer abides in a storage unit there are we are on our way to retrieve it, then relocate it to the MUCH friendlier winter of Pleasant Grove, UT. My hope is that the charger to my camera is there! Wouldn't that be nice?! My hope is that all the things I seem to need and can't put my finger on are there in that trailer. Maybe even a few of my marbles. They seem to be missing as well!

Since Dawson passed away we have felt that we would be returning to Utah. We didn't know why or what we would be doing, but we knew the time was coming. We put the timing in the Lord's hands (cause He always seems to get it just right) and kept on with life. Then suddenly....and I mean like a week and a half notice, the call came to close up shop with Ryans business in Idaho and get our bodies to Utah. It all happened so fast! It left our heads spinning a bit. However, everything (except for Mallory's school stuff) seemed to fall right into place! We stayed with Ryan's parents for 3 weeks, which was so much fun for all of us! Now we are house sitting for my grandparents, while they are off enjoying the 70+ degree Arizona weather. We should be here until the end of March. Then....well, we haven't got that far yet. I imagine a plan will begin to come together at some point. I am sure we will be right where we are supposed to be, come April 1st. So, I don't stress. I just try to enjoy the ride and adapt to being back in Utah.

Many more details will come later, but for now I just have to say that we are LOVING being back in Utah. I was concerned that the adjustment would be hard. It totally isn't! We have loved being able to see family whenever we want. There is a great feeling of peace right now in our lives! It is fabulous!

We miss our friends in Idaho so much! We are so glad that we have such strong friendships with so many there. I am sure that we will remain friends forever! (Speaking of, I get to see Maryon today! I can't wait!)

Ryan is still searching for the next part of his life, employment wise. He has spent the last couple of weeks CRAZY sick with a kidney infection, which is never good when you have a kidney disease. He is feeling much better now. We have found a job that would be SO perfect for Ryan AND it would include tuition for school at BYU. Ryan would be getting out of HVAC, which he would love to do, and into the MTC. He would be organizing and handling many things for the new missionaries and so much more. The description fits Ryan PERFECTLY! We know that it will all work out if it is what the Lord has in mind for us, it will all work out. That being said, we know that we need to exercise all the faith we can. Any prayers you might want to offer on his behalf would be tremendously appreciated! 

Well, it's my turn to drive. Thought I should give Ry a break for a bit, since I don't really fancy dragging a 32 foot trailer behind the vehicle I am driving, and he is going to have to drive the whole way back from Twin. See ya again soon! 


MyR said...

It was FUN to see you and squeeze your neck! I can't wait to visit you in Utah when I move to Arizona someday. haha!

Anonymous said...

umm i'm butt hurt i didnt get to see you... stupid school... but i totally appreciate the air supple serenade you gave me today :)

Love you
*virtual Squeeze*

Just Us said...

Okay so now when can I see you? Let's go on a date. I need it. I need a good ol' fashioned GNO even if it is just you and me.

Tuzi Salz said...

I'm glad things are starting a fall into place for you guys. It's crazy o think about having a life kinda set then going back to the school life. You two are so great! I love the way you follow the Lord's plan for you no matter how intimidating it might seem. I hope all works out for Ryan. This MTC thing sounds pretty cool. We love you guys!

Hardy Party said...

You guys are amazing... We love you all very much. We can't wait to see more of you. :-)

Dad & Sondi