Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gettin FANCY

Oh, how I love the Pleasant Grove Library! I mean, yes, my Mom works there, so that helps, but REALLY, I have not lived near a library that has SO much to offer for kids! There is always something so fun going on for them.

I was crazy excited when my Mom called me about the Fancy Nancy Party!


If you haven't read a Fancy Nancy book...Oh, you must!

The rules of the party....Come as Fancy Nancied up as you can!

Mal was GAME! Wings and all!

First stop was the accessory table for more bling!

Then Mallory and Olivia (my niece) found a place for the party. Kaitlyn and Caroline (more nieces) were there with us too. We couldn't find a place for all of them sit together. There were A LOT of girlies there!

Seriously...and this isn't even all the tables!

The festivities included reading the newest Fancy Nancy book about the Fabulous Boutique,

Playing a game of "Yard Sale or Boutique" where the girls would send the gym shoes to the yard sale, but the sparkly high heels found a home at the boutique.

French is the fanciest of all the language, you know. So OF COURSE the girls had a French lesson. Oh, the chorus of "Oo La La"s and "Bonjour"s. So fun!

Then came the tea party. Punch, fancy cupcakes and M&Ms all served on real glass china-ish dishes! Complete with "Pinky Up" lessons!

Mallory was in LOVE with the whole thing! She rarely gets in to things like this, but she was ALL IN!

We had a good laugh when we spied a Dad at one of the tables. Oh and was he ever into the party! Pink and all!

What perks do you get when your Grandma works at the library?
Extra cupcakes while you wait in line for a picture!

The last stop at the party was all about the photo shoot! Mallory had to bring her own Fancy Nancy Doll (a doll I am pretty sure I love more than she does! Not cause she doesn't love her, but because I REALLY love her!)

By the time we got to the pictures the little girls were SO over it! Mallory's face cracks me up! :)


Lindsey said...

That is so super cute! Yay for PG Library bringing it big!!! And that a cousin with Mal in the Hello Kitty shirt? They look SO MUCH alike!!

MyR said...

That is SO COOL!!! What a FUN idea. That Dad wins the award for the day FOR SURE! I love it! Mal's face in the last pic is FUNNY! She's trying so hard to smile but it looks like she's all smiled out!

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Lindsey- They are cousins (my sister Lisa's little girl). Honestly, I have never even noticed, but my goodness! In these pictures they look like sisters! FUN! :)