Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yeah, I know....

I am a little OK A LOT behind! However, I couldn't not post these pictures!

This year Mally wanted to be a black and pink cat! I would say we did a pretty good job! I made a fun tutu for her out of pink and black tool, grabbed some leggins and a turtleneck, hot pink boa, headband and a black boa for a tail. The girl was THRILLED!

And so very cute!

I might pay her, when she is older, to let me to put mascara on those lashes every once in a while!

She wanted a little on and I obliged. Look at those babies! My kids got their Dads beautiful lashes. Lucky!

Jake came up with this little costume in his mind one Sunday during church. Overalls and straw hat from DI, a little scrap material from the local material store and Farmer Jake was created!

The white material was because the hat itched his head. The face....well, that just CRACKS ME UP!

I was home really sick with a kidney infection. Ryan took the kids out. We have so much in our town for Halloween. Main street business's shut down for business and open their doors for trick or treaters. Some places went all out with haunted houses.

So fun for the kids!

Ry said that Mally saw this cat and had to have her picture taken with it, because she was a cat too. So cute!

The Barkin' Basement, a local thrift store, came complete with pirates, a dolphin and a ship mast! Too funny!

After the Main Street festivities Ry and the kids headed to the church for a trunk or treat. Needless to say, the kids had WAY too much candy. This year, I just enjoyed them enjoying it. Ryan and I were laughing about how many times the kids, especially Mallory, took the candy out and sorted, counted, organized it and then put it back. I remember the feeling of having my own personal supply of candy on Halloween, when I was younger. It is fun to re-experience those memories by watching your kids have them!

With Halloween on Sunday this year, and being in an area where the trick or treating was happening Sunday night, we were happy to do our trick or treating on Friday, carve pumpkins on Saturday and have a fun family night on Sunday.

Mal picked her pumpkin because it looked like Larry Boy from Veggie Tales. She LOVED it!

Look how cute those little stinkers are!

Jake had fun trying to carve his own pumpkin.

I was having a heart attack! I could just picture that hand sliding down the blade!

Mal braved sticking her hand inside once or twice. She wasn't much of a fan, because it got her hands dirty.

Her reaction totally reminded me of Lisa and I growing up. I don't think we ever gutted our own pumpkins! YUCK!

But she sure thought it was cool when everyone else pulled guts out!

And Dad helped Mally turn her Larry Boy shaped pumpkin into a Larry Boy looking pumpkin!

Jake drew this design and with some coaxing from Mom and Dad he turned over knife to Dad so he could cut it out for him.

When all was said and done, Mal had a little stress over the pumpkin's having holes in them. She found the missing pieces and would rebuild them like a puzzle.

Such a fun Halloween! So fun to have the kids totally into it this year!


Anonymous said...

Oh my heck those eyelashes!! She is sooo stinkin pretty!!


Gear Gang said...

Mally looks like a total DIVA! and so pretty.

So did you sew the patches on Farmer Jake or did they come like that? Too Cute.

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

I just hand stitched them on. We totally lucked out in the bin of scrap material! Sweet tractor material...yeah, it doesn't get any better! :)

Alea said...

Holy cow Mallory's eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!! You have some adorable kids.