Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Moments

Mally's favorite thing in the world is her pillow pet (thanks G&G Lindstrom). We discovered it was perfect to bring along on a car ride when she is tired. She slumped forward and took a LONG nap!

Hahaha! I love this one! One day Ryan sent me this picture as a text. The day before, while we were at his shop, Jake put holes in the top of a water bottle as a joke. The trick....Dad picks it up for a drink and dumps water down the front of himself. Dad was onto him and didn't take the bait. The bottle was left on his desk and forgotten.

Next day, the trick was forgotten, Ryan picked up his water bottle to take a swig and drenched the front of his shirt! Jake won! He was more than pleased with himself! :) Hahaha!

Oh My! Way to be quick on the picture snappin' Ryan! Priceless! Jake, I am sure, will hate that this picture exists someday! Hahahaha! Nothing like heels and whitey tighteys!

We live in really such a beautiful area! Just outside our doors are some of the most beautiful mountains! Ryan LOVES to mountain bike! He was always sure to snap a picture or two of the amazing places he rode to.

And of course he snapped his lovely mug in the picture too! :)

Just random goofyness! These kids are insane! I love that they always make me laugh!

And the grand finale......

What happens when the clothes line doesn't work because of a little rain? Use the truck of course. Oh man! This brings laundry to a whole other level.


Hardy Party said...

Cool pictures... :-) Jake is going to hate that one in the heels. HA HA

Love you all..

Just Us said...

It's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a pillow pet. Love all the pictures. You my friend are living quite the life. One I would love. I'm going to live out of a tent or a trailer someday. I am.