Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pamplona May Have the Running of the Bulls.....

but Ketchum, ID has the "Trailing of the Sheep".

Every year the sheep herders bring the sheep down through Main street in Ketchum. So, why not turn the whole thing into a festival?!

On Saturday a park in Hailey is full of sheep trailers, dancers, vendors, activities for kids, booths to eat lamb in anyway you can imagine, you name it, it is there!
For the last 5 yrs of living in this valley I have seen these little sheep herder trailers everywhere and always wondered what they were like inside. For the record...I will keep with our trailer, thank you very much! :)

The kids got to learn about spinning wool into yard and we walked around and looked at a whole bunch of things for sale that were made from that yarn.

That flower really brings out the feminine side of Ryan...dontcha think?! :)

The kids were all over the balloon shape makers!
And I was all over the bagpipes. I do love a good bagpipe song or two. It reminds me of being an EMT and attending another EMT's funeral. The jets doing a fly by, the unanswered page to the fallen EMT, the bagpipes, all of it made me love what I did even more. Amazing! One of my favorite things I have done!

One of the highlights was the shearing of the sheep. I have never seen that done. Kind of crazy.

Ryan said it brings new meaning to "A sheep before the shearer is dumb". Yeah, they get tossed around and bent into crazy positions and just take it without a fight.

I do have to say that I did love seeing them turn all clean and white. It's kind of like clean straight vacuum lines. I know. Maybe I am OCD, but they make me happy! :)

Mal needed her chance for a cone jumping pic!

And then, this! Have you ever seen a colored shadow?! I didn't know that was even possible! How cool is that?!

The actual Trailing of the Sheep takes place on Sunday, right in the middle of church, so we have never been. We've heard it's pretty fun. We will have to take their word for it! :)

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