Friday, November 19, 2010

Exploring on the Other Side of the Sawtooth Mountains

We LOVE to go exploring, but having Dad sit in the back with the kids brought it to a whole new level!
We set off to go up and over Galena Summit. We wanted to see all the beautiful leaves and do a little exploring in Stanley, ID.
(This has to be one of my VERY favorite pictures ever!)

Why was Dad in the back with the kids? Well, because I was driving and we had our sweet Kellsy with us (I stole this pic of her from FB). Kels lived with us for a while when we lived in Jerome, ID. She became ours. We love her like she is our own daughter! She is one amazing young lady and all of us enjoyed the heck out of her for the weekend. (Especially the sing off to 'No Air')  :)

Ryan and the kiddos exploring around the old man made dam just past Stanley.

This area is so beautiful!

I think Mally would hike every single day, if she could. She loved checking out the dam and the river with Dad and Jake.

Kels and I had a lovely little chat and enjoyed the view from above. Oh, I love this place!

THIS is Stanley! Absolutely beautiful! When we were driving back into town the sun was just starting to set. I HAD to pull over and get a pic of this! Isn't if amazing?! It made me think I should live in Stanley....then I remembered that there is only 30 frost free days per year, and I changed my mind! :)

As we drove back into Stanley we took a road out into the middle of nowhere. Ryan knew of a little restaurant out in the sticks that was supposed to be really good. It was such a fun little place and really quite yummy! Especially the strawberry-rhubarb pie! YUM!


Anonymous said...

umm... not so sure if you are aware of this but there is a pretty umm not so attractive picute of me on your page... ;)

I love you... more than I love singing to No Air off key :)


The Johnson Family said...

I am crying CRYING right now just looking at these beautiful pictures. Especially the last one!! I am just NOT a midwestern girl. Get me out of the corn belt and back to my beautiful mountain ranges :(((