Monday, November 8, 2010

My Favorite Place

Depending on where we parked the trailer, just a short 30 - 45 min hop over the Galena Summit, and we were pulling in to a little piece of Heaven.
Alturas Lake is one of my very favorite places on Earth! It is beautiful and SO much fun for all of us. With a beach full of perfect sand castle sand we could pull in at 10 am and spend the rest of the day forgetting about anything but having fun and relaxing! Needless to say, we spent a LOT of time there over the last several months.

The water is cold, OK, more like freezing, but I LOVE the water. No matter the temperature, I am all about getting in! I can't help it! See the boat clear out there?! See that white spot right in front on the boat. Yours truly! Floating along and enjoying the warm sun!

See?! Queen of the Lake! :)

From time to time I would get a little too far out there. I would close my eyes and relax, only to be buzzed by an occasional boat and decide I had better start making my way back!

Can you find me in this?! A bit of a smaller dot of white! Oops! I guess I was getting a little carried away! :)

Sometimes we went up alone and sometimes we went with a huge group of friends. We would all spread our junk across the beach and spend the entire day there! So fun! Sunscreen, picnic lunches, playing in the water, laughing with the girls, even a boat for one of the trips. Oh, I can't wait until next summer!

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Just Us said...

So sickening that I never went there when I lived there. Sad.