Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh, I LOVE A Good Date Night!

That is why I squealed with joy when my hubby got us tickets to see Brian Regan when he came to Sun Valley! I LOVE BRIAN! I mean like "Oh my gosh I can't breathe because I am laughing so stinking hard" love! Really!

Mr. Lindstrom and I headed out for a dinner date at the Pio. Pioneer, that is. It was divinely delicious, as always.

Then we wandered carelessly through the Sun Valley Village. Such a fun little place. Did you know that we have year round outdoor ice skating here?! How fun is that?!

Oh yes....Lovely Ryan!

And then "Frosty Locks" entertained us immensely.

The best part, he was telling a joke about riding on the back of a motorcycle and got all mixed up and couldn't stop laughing. Then I couldn't stop laughing. I mean, crying, blubbering, oh-my-heck-my-heart-is-going-to-stop laughing! And that night I lost about 10 years off my life! Really! Cause laughing does that for you, you know!

Now, because I love you and because I want you to experience such life lengthening happiness, and because I know that the only real way to experience the joy that is Brian Regan is to watch him, cause he is insanely funny to watch, a few of my faves from my fave comedian...and he's clean! YAY!




Now go check him out on YouTube. Some must sees...."Doctor Visit", "Fig Newtons", "Pop Tarts", "Burger King Franchise". I could go on and on! You will love it, I am sure! :)


Lindsey said...

Now THAT is a good way to start my morning!!

Brian Regan = Proof you don't have to be crude to be funny!

Gear Gang said...

I can't wait till Ryan comes home so I can so them to him. :)

Just Us said...

And don't forget..."MANSLAUGHTER!" That is my favorite just because of the his face when he says it.