Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three's Company: Galena Lodge

Jake was off having his own adventure with his cousins in Utah. Ryan, Me and Mal were left to find something to do to entertain ourselves.

First stop: Billy's Bridge. If you are headed North of Ketchum, towards Galena Summit, there is a little pull out on the side of the road. Hike down a bit and this little spot is what you find.

A spot to sit and "Glass" the hillside. Apparently there are supposed to be Mountain Goats all over.

However, we didn't have any luck finding them. I mean, that is a serious hillside and knowing mountain goats they were lodged somewhere on the steep sides of the mountain, completely camoflauged against the hill side. Mal had a fun time looking anyway. I was over it after 5 min. :)

Afterwards we headed up to Galena Lodge. I CANNOT BELIEVE that I have lived in this valley for 5 years and I had not yet been to the lodge! I don't know what it is about that place, but I absolutely LOVED it there! Plus, our dear friend Kandis works and lives there! It was SO much fun to chat with her for a bit.

(Hey Kandis! We can't wait until you come back! Love ya!)

After a delicious lunch (seriously, try the steak wraps, if you ever make it up there!) we headed out for a hike. Not prepared for that one. We were all in sandals or crocs. Oh well, it was fun to hike up to the Yurts and check them out a bit. And a wake up call to how out of shape I must be. Seriously, there were some long steep parts!

The day was beautiful and I could have checked the view from here ALL DAY! What a beautiful place to live!

After the hike we headed back in to the lodge. Such a fun place! So glad we found it! Can't wait to spend MUCH more time here next Summer!

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Kandis said...

you know you don't have to wait till next summer to spend time at the lodge, the winter is bunches of fun as well, sledding, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, and yes most likely the stake wrap will be back on the menu again. and I WILL BE THERE, i will take you on a fun snowshoe. see you in about 1 week. (im bummed my two months off are done) but that is life.