Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adventures is JELLYSTONE

I must admit. Yellowstone has NEVER been a draw for me. Probably because during my teenage years I drove through and didn't see one animal. I felt it was over rated. I was kind of a snob about it.

But one thing I AM a fan of is my family. We have fun where ever we go together AND we had this whole RV Adventure thing going for us. Yellowstone we went!

We stayed at Mack's Inn in Island Park. It is about 20 min to drive into the park, but SUCH a great place to stay! And much cheaper than in the park. My parents rented a cabin and we took this sweet little RV spot.

Ry and I were told that the best place for lunch is the "Shadow Creek Lodge". We loved it. It is a cabin that belongs to an old sheep farmer a few miles up a dirt road. It is SUPER busy during the winter because people love to snowmobile into it.
It is just like their house all open and the kitchen is like a regular home style kitchen. Pretty fun! They were super nice and it was fun to go somewhere out of the norm!

Later that night, we all stayed up playing BANG! One of our favorite games. SO FUN!

Jake and Parker spent the evening running up and down the dock on the Snake River....that and completely giving my Mom a heart attack!

I don't think I have ever seen such a PINK sunset! Beautiful!

This was yet another find, by my hubby. This little cabin was built by a pint sized German immigrant, named John Sack. The whole thing was quite amazing! You can tour the inside. He built the entire thing all by himself. It was beautiful, inside and out! He built a little wheel house for the spring nearby to generate electricity! AMAZING!

My husband now wants to build one. GREAT! Thanks John Sack! I am sure my hubby will find a way for us to become hermits somewhere in the mountains! Sigh!

Although, this prime piece of real estate is EASILY the most beautiful place I have seen! I would take this spot! I WOULD!

Oh the Bison! Of course when we first saw a grouping we were SO excited! By the millioneth beast we were a little bored of the beasts!....No offense Mr. Bisons...I promise!

Mr. Lindstrom.

Have you ever seen a more perfect chair pose?! I think not!

Oh yes dear! Take in the scenery! I am all that and a bag of chips! :)

We took turns sharing the priviledge of carting TUZILIA (Tyrel, Suzi & Julia-the cutest, roundest baby girl EVER) and Kayla & David the magnificent, with my parents. SO FUN! 

Check out Mallory! 

Like Father Like Daughter! She looked through those things nearly the entire trip! 

This is my Sweet as Pie little sister Kayla. I miss her a lot! She lives in Houston. CURSE YOU HOUSTON!

She gave birth to that boy that she is holding.

And then I swallowed him WHOLE! Because he is yummy! And not to be wasted! And because it was the only way, I was certain, to get enough of him...and still, I am left wanting!

AND THIS is what happens when you pull over on the side of the road and spot a Mama Grizzly with her {FOUR} cubs! Amazing!

(If you look close you will see me and my mega ultra cool brother Tyrel. We are pretty awesome! So we like to tell ourselves!)

 See that big ole dark lump. That is one seriously big Mama! Her cubs were cracking us up! They were bouncing on each other and all over her. I could sense her submission to the craziness. It made me chuckle. She would sweep them off her head with her paw from time to time. Animals and's pretty amazing!

And they weren't kidding! They were just right out there. Not giving a hoot that they were totally surrounded by people.


We saw plenty of Bears on this trip! We even stopped to eat lunch down the street from where we had seen a little Grizzly walking down the tree line right toward where we were stopped. I know! Brilliant!

Then Mallory rode it. Or not.

A highlight of the trip for Jake and my little Brother Parker was sorting through the colorful rocks to find the PERFECT ones to add to their little bags, with Grandma Salisbury!

Did you know that my husband believes that every single picture should have a person in it? As evidenced above. He always takes them of himself in the pic.

Frankly I believe that it is because he knows that he later would like to look at the scenery of the waterfall, but unless my favorite kind of scenery makes it into the photo, it runs the risk of being thrown out. It's true! He is smart! And cute!
Really, the scenery was something to behold!


Oh the waterfalls! They were amazing! Humbling....that might be a better word for it! When the ground beneath you shakes because of the shear power of it....WOW!

We missed CLABBY (Clint & Abby) and RYSA (Ryan & Lisa) on this trip! We will have to see if we can persuade them to come next year!

Jake can't get enough of his little boy cousins. He misses Dawson a lot. He wants another little boy in our family SO bad. David could sense the threat of seperation from his mother. No offense Jake. He loves you and all, but.....

Mal, never one to miss a party glances around at the full vehicle. Isn't ANYONE going to play with her?!

And then she gave into peer pressure!

What a FUN trip! I would do this one again in a heartbeat! Early June! That is the time to go! We saw EVERYTHING on the checklist, except Big Horn Sheep (who needs them anyway?!) Even a WOLF! That is a pretty big deal!

Thanks Fam for a super fun trip and a lot of fun, REALLY fun, memories to add to our RV Adventure!


Gear Gang said...

I wish we could've been there. Next year.....I hope.

Love you

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Looks like so much fun!

You know my mind with details though... I can't stop wondering what made the German pint sized? Was he a "little person" and does Ryan want to built a "little house"?


Alea said...

We went by that little house when we went to Yellowstone a few years ago... Got eaten alive by mosquitoes! It was very pretty except for that. Lots of fish too.

Brian and Kayla said...

This was so fun! I'm glad you posted this even though it has been a few months. I hardly took a picture which is unlike me.

We miss you too Amy! I can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving. I'm still assuming you'll be there so don't break my heart.

I laughed heartily and Ryan's face in the "scenic pictures". Especially because Brian shares the same philosophy.

Thanks for the fun memories!

BTW, David sniffs just like Mallory used to. And he baby talks like Jake used to. You he thought he was talking but her really wasn't? It is funny.

Anonymous said...

That's "Meadow Creek Lodge" to you...

rachel said...

i really really like this. except for the part that i am crippled. and in the back bein creepy. oh well. love you aim!!

Hardy Party said...

Looks like so much fun. We miss you all so much!!!

Love Dad & Sondi