Monday, September 27, 2010

A Definite Highlight!

We LOVE....big puffy hot pink heart LOVE...John Mayer at our house!

Our Summer adventures would be lacking, if I were to neglect posting the pictures I took at the SECOND John Mayer concert of the Summer, in Salt Lake!

I was in the middle of healing after my tonsilectomy. Lisa had taken my kids to Moab, UT and I needed to go to Utah to pick them up. Conveinently RIGHT when John Mayer planned to be in Salt Lake! I offered to take Jake with me. He wanted to play with his Uncle Parker instead. He wished he could have done both later! He really wished he could have gone to a concert with me! Especially when he saw how close I was!

And I was! Close! I found a ticket on the 9th row (which, because of the shape of the place ended up being just 4 rows from the stage) and went ALL BY MYSELF! Oh yes! I AM that serious about this John Mayer business.

It's Ok. Ryan would have done the same! He would have been with me, but work was calling his name and he couldn't get away!

It's OK. I took plenty of pictures and texted my VERY excited play by play as he would launch into "VooDoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and sang "The Heart of Life", "Slow Dancin In A Burning Room" and as a finale, "Edge Of Desire". All songs he didn't play in his first concert!

I might have been a little to enthusiastic. I made Ryan sad that he wasn't there! No worries! I took video! :)

To make sense of this craze, I must tell you that I LOVE that John Mayer has inspired Ryan to play his guitar and sing MUCH more! Which I LOVE! My hubby has some crazy mad talent when it comes to such things! It is really fun to watch and listen to him play. AND it is a little known fact about Ryan, since he rarely plays or sings in front of others. He will. Someday. No worries! :)

Yesterday Mallory asked, while watching his concert video with Ryan and I, if she could "just make a John Mayer Lego guy, with a ku-tar". She is pretty funny! She begs for us to play "Belief" and then giggles like crazy when it starts.

Anyway, concert #2 was the BEST! He loved Salt Lake as an audience and just kept playing and playing. It was so much fun! After 2 1/2 hours of playing hard he was totally exhausted, but still came out as an encore and played "Edge of Desire", which I recorded a little bit of for you! :)

Watch close, there is a point where Jake said, "MOM! He looked right at you!" Hahaha! Yep, I think he did!

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Hardy Party said...

How many John Mayer concerts have you been to now? You must big puffy hot pink heart LOVE him. :-) You are so cute. Love you lady..

Dad & Sondi