Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Summer Adventure in MONTANA!

One of our favorite places this Summer was our trip to Yellowstone/Island Park. However, that wasn't enough! Some of my family was going to be joining us, but we had the better part of a full day before they would get there.

Where to go?!

My hubby absolutely LOVES Ghost Towns. I have to admit I am a bit drawn to them myself! I LOVE imagining what life would have been like there, etc.

We were told that Virginia City and Nevada City were pretty close. We jumped on it! A new place to visit AND Montana! We had never been there! We couldn't wait!

Isn't that GORGEOUS?!

Hahaha! Jake! Oh my!

If you ever get a chance to go to Virginia City, you must! The sidewalks, the shops, all of it was so fun!

I am pretty sure I could have spent the day in the General Store studying all the details!

Oh the thoughts of a bustling town and people sitting on those very stools! Amazing!

UM WHAT?! Yeah...I would say GLOVE...That thing would fit on my hand and that is about it! EEK!

OH MY! This was actually a shot out of a video! TOO FUNNY! I get the giggles everytime I look at Ryan in this picture!

This shop was so cool! It was full of old original music machines, movie players, fortune telling machines. Amazing! The boys were busting a move to the player piano/"juke box" of the day. I WANT ONE! The sound was AMAZING! I was overwhelmed with the desire to go straight home and watch Tombstone...or anything with Sam Elliott in it. Of course, I would take anything with Sam ANYTIME! He is totally my movie star crush of all time!

Excuse me...I am going to need to go watch Conagher!

Speaking of Tombstone......
These are the tombstones of the "Bad Guys" hung in the city. Now that is an important part of history! :) Actually, it is a toss up! In this very museum they have the carcass of a cat that was burried and perfectly preserved under the foundation of one of the homes they restored. Apparently the cat is from the 1800's. Hmm....

Were cats even invented then?!


Were cats invented?

They were?! WHY?!

One more question to ask when I arrive at the Pearly Gates! :)

What a great little town! It was really worth the drive. Well, that and THIS.......

Have you ever heard that Montana is one of the most beautiful places in the country?

Well, they weren't kidding!

It was really quite breathtaking!




Gear Gang said...

I am wondering if Ernie would be up for a drive to Montana just to do family pictures. HMMMM!!!

Lindsey said...

OK, so this is the total "book worm" coming out in me but in the book Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck he writes a whole chapter on why Montana is his favorite state and I think these pics pretty much sum his thoughts up. I love that book.

Your family has the best facial expressions. Seriously. And your pictures are amazing. I would have a heyday in that little country store with all the details, too. I especially love the rosey wall paper!

Amy Lindstrom ~ YourLifeUncommon.com said...

Lindsey, I am so glad you noticed the rosy wall paper! That was totally my fave! That and the sweet green shelves!

MyR said...

Your family silliness is my FAV!!! I TOTALLY agree with your thoughts on cats. WHY?

Lombardo Family said...

I've only ever been to Montana once and to this day it was one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. What a fun trip. What fun you guys have.

The Johnson Family said...

I want to live in Montana SO badly!! I just can't seem to convince the hubby :) What a beautiful trip, thanks for sharing!