Saturday, July 24, 2010

The BIG Move

One thing that I don't think any of us expected was that after returning home and trying to get back to normal without our little Dawson was impossible! We have learned that it is not so much a "pick up where we left off" as a complete starting over! Going through something like this definately changes who you are in a lot of ways. So....change was needed.

Suddenly our home felt WAY too big for just the 4 of us. Luckily we were renting. We felt unsettled and a little "wander-lust" ish.

The other thing was the almost desperate desire to have Jake & Mallory with us ALL THE TIME. To really strengthen our family as much as possible. To help them experience all of the things they haven't had to opportunity to experience.

So, with these two things combined we did the unimaginable....the of the most fun things we have ever done! I would say that the two things that pushed us over the edge and helped us decide that this is more than just some crazy idea was......

1. I read this quote by Sydney J. Harris on a friends Facebook page.....

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable" 

2. That quote coupled with this, which was brilliantly stated by my friend Michelle's little boy Stockton.....

"I would rather have

a small house and a big life,

than a big house and a small life..."

These two quotes paired together fueled our insanity. We purchased a 32' Zinger hitch pull RV trailer. Sold darn near everything we owned, gave away almost all that was left, moved out of our home and set out on a Summer meant to be filled with PLENTY of adventure, time together and TIME spent not maintaining STUFF, but maintaining US!

Are you thinking we are crazy enough yet?! You just wait!

Tomorrow....the tour of the new digs!

After that....a telling of the adventures of the Lindstroms living
OUR Life Uncommon!


The Johnson Family said...

This is amazing! You two are so brave and inspiring! I can't wait to hear it all :)

Ashlee Salisbury said...

Wow, you go girl. You are much braver then I and much much stronger.

Just Us said...

You guys are crazy. Totally crazy and I love it.

Alea said...

That sounds like a movie! Only in a movie do people do such fun and crazy things... and I think that's awesome! Can't wait to hear about your adventures. :)

leyrehome said...

Ryan and Amy --- what a wonderful experience you're having with your children!! I can't wait to get a daily dose of your great adventures!!