Sunday, July 25, 2010

THE NEW DIGS....amazing how many pictures you can take of such a small dwelling!

Welcome to the Lindstrom Family Casa!

Oh Yes my friends! All 32' of it! Yes, our home is on wheels....Bring on the Plastic Pink Flamingo and Gypsy jokes! We quite like them! :)

Alright, how about a tour.....

Let's start with the Outdoor Kitchen.
(Yes this is a different camp site than the last. See that mud.....yyyeeeahhhh, that is why it only lasted a night! Springtime in Sun Valley mean MU-UD!)

Didn't know I would love this so much, but turns out, the best kind of storage space to have is Kitchen storage, when you are full timing it, at least! The drawer on the right is for storage. The bin on the left is a pull out grill/stove top. LOVELY! And YES....I did bring my KitchenAid along! That and the Belgium Waffle maker. They are a must!

Let's Head Inside!

The Trailer has two slide-outs. The couch (which is a hide-a-bed, for those of you brave enough to come for a visit) and Kitchen table are one. The kids room has the other.

See the white strips on the pantry back in the corner? That is where we hang our Dawson drawing. We love having wall space to personalize!

And because we need yet another angle to capture the you go!

If you were to turn around from here you would find....

The "MASTER" Bedroom! In all its glory! Ha! With a child, long over due for a haircut, perched in a spot where he can get a little rest from his sweet little sister. This would be Mr. Lindstroms side.

And this would be mine! Yes, it is small, but with the spin around TV it can be quite cozy to watch movies with the doors closed! I love it! Plus, I have always wanted nightstands and never got around to getting them...NO WORRIES! Now not only are their nightstands, but CARPETED nightstands...It just doesn't get any better! :) Especially since on Mr. Lindstroms side there is a secret hatch that lifts to reveal what we have turned into the hamper...with outside entry to pull the laundry basket out! PERFECT! :)

This is looking from the kids room toward our room. Our room has two hard doors that slide shut. That mirror spins around with a TV on the otherside. That pantry just to the left is the best thing to ever happen to a trailer! It is as deep as my arm can reach and holds a good 30 day supply of food for our fam!

Storage can be a bit of an issue in a trailer, but it totally isn't with this one! Under the benches at the table there is tons of storage. Our bed is on hydrolics so we can store a LOT under there. And almost all of it has outside access.

By the way, to the right is the bathroom. The shower is small, but works great and it's a shower. We aren't complaining! :) At least not as much as everyone would be complaining if we didn't have one! :)

This is the kids room! They love it! It actually is more roomy than this picture gives it credit for, but you get the idea! That backdoor has only experienced one escape...MALLORY! Dad was quick to let her know how important it is to stay in bed by taking her Leapster for the next day. Did the trick! She hasn't gone out again!

The kids clothes are in the closets. The little ladder gets them up to their toys and they now have a TV in their room for movies and the Wii, if they need a bit of down time (or if I do....I SHOULD say). They have a hard door that slides shut and they love having their own little private space!

This room actually sleeps 4. See the white handle? That is Mallory's trundle. She didn't like the idea of being up high, so the toys went up there. The couch pulls out into a bed and Jake sleeps on the top bunk. Notice the net to keep him from falling out...well, apparently my hubby has some left over from childhood falling out of the top bunk anxiety. He insisted on the net.

Jake loves his little spot up top. There is a light up there for reading before bed and he feels all cozy. Pretty fun for him! At first we thought the kids would kill each other sharing a room. Now we can't get them to stop making each other laugh after they get in bed at night. Jake loves to make Mallory giggle. And giggle she does! They are quite funny. I mean, right now. At 2 pm. Ask me at 10:30 when they are still goofing off after 2 hours of pleading with them to just go to bed. I don't think it is that funny then. At all! :)

Well, that's the grand ole tour! Do you feel claustrophobic? Panicky? Maybe a little anxious? Nauseous?

Yeah, it's normal. It's a big deal to go from about 3,500 sq. ft to 300 sq. ft. BIG DEAL. However, I find it crazy that I haven't yet felt "House envy" yet. I thought I would, but it turns out to be JUST what we needed. In a lot of ways.

The other day I asked Jake if he was having a fun Summer. He said, "Mom, I think moving into our trailer was the best choice we have ever made!".

That's all I needed....well, that and a total of 10 min to clean my house and wipe it down from top to bottom!


Ben and Kelli said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys have the guts to do this! Doesn't sound crazy, sounds amazing. I am so excited for your adventures!

Lombardo Family said...

Wowzers! I'm not sure I can say more. Well...okay, what a totally awesome thing to do. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Sooo if i wanna come visit where can I find you???
p.s. Lovin the trailor, I think youre a tad crazy but totally am lovin it!

Baldwincrew-blog said...

What a great experience for your family. Enjoy it!

Saundra said...

WOW! Just.....WOW! I admire you guys. What a fun adventure! And it helps that it is a way nice trailer. You are always so positive. I am not sure I could go from 3500 sq ft to 300. You are awesome! So are you mostly staying in one spot or are you going to travel a whole lot?

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

I love that it's called a "Zinger" :)

leyrehome said...

That is one great trailer!! I look forward to your great adventure every day!! Love you.

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Courtney...That was totally the selling point to me! Hahaha! :)

Saundra....Usually every campground has a stay limit of 14-16 days. So, we just move every 2 weeks. Usually we head out of town that often anyway, so it isn't that big of a deal. However, if we brave the Winter there is a spot with full hookups in Ketchum. We will likely plant ourselves there through the fall and winter.