Monday, May 31, 2010

Yep! We've Gone And Done It!

Why the lack of posts lately, you might ask.....

Well, the Lindstrom Family is living it up somewhere North of Ketchum right now.
We are getting our heads on straight after our big move and loving LIFE in our new trailer!

No worries, full details are on the way! Until then.....Happy Trails to You! :) Hahaha!
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Hardy Party said...

I want to see pictures... :-)

Michelle said...

Wow! You really are embarking on an adventure! Good for you. We are in love with our simplified life and how it has opened us up to so many new experiences. I hope it is the same for you. And yes, of course you can use the burlap project and the clipboard in any way you want. I even have some how to photos for the clipboards (I'm just too lazy to post them) if you want those too. Can't wait to see you!

Just Us said...

i didnt have any where to put this but anyways.......
~Maci Moo~ <3