Monday, November 2, 2009



Yay Jeni! Email me your mailing address and I will have MyBlogSpark get on sending this to you right away!

I have to say that I have been inspired! Thanks to all of you that shared. If you haven't read through the comments on the last post, please do!

Isn't it amazing that we have the opportunity to learn and grow from each other?! I LOVE that I am surrounded by people that continually make me want to be a better me! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Alright, stay tuned for more exciting news from the Lindstrom household....including what I am going to do with myself after I am finished training the NEW Harris Dudley Secretary this week, and lots and lots of BABY news! (Did you gasp....don't. It's not me, which is either fortunate or unfortunate, I can't decide.) I have {five} sisters that are prego....well, scratch that, FOUR. My sweet little Kayla gave birth to David last night. THE KID WAS BORN WITH ROLLS ON HIS THIGHS! How sweet is that?! More info to come on his royal cuteness tomorrow. For now, I must hurry off to bed so I can head to more training tomorrow morning and a possible trip to Twin Falls.

{YAY JENI....just had to get that out one more time!}


Rideout Family said...

Yay me!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new nephew!

rachel said...

so That picture of Jesus on here is painted by my history techers dad.