Friday, November 20, 2009

What a NEW MOON does to a bunch of Thirty-Somethings and my overdue return to blogging!

Yes, we braved the twenty-something degree night to be some of the first to see NEW MOON at Midnight last night, AND IT WAS WORTH IT!

(Back: Kara, Dawn, Jasmine. Middle: Kerry, Kristin, Me. Front: Shalece, Jelina, Sheena)

A bunch of us girlies met at Despo's in Ketchum, an absolute fave of ours! We laughed like crazy and had a blast just being together. Then it was in our cars and headed to the theatre to wait an hour and a half for the theatre to open its doors to us and a million other giddy teens.

Luckily earlier during the day Ryan and I dropped off his truck, right in front of the theatre, with an enormous TV in the back. We were totally set for a TWILIGHT TAILGATE PARTY. Hot chocolate, Twilight soundtrack, Twilight Movie, blankets and chairs. We were ready! Because of the direction the line was facing and the need to stay warm by moving constantly, we opted out of a movie and cranked the tunes. EVERYONE was dancing. We were having a blast. Highlights definately included Shalece's Cheerleader/Drill team routine and Circlin' Up and taking turns bustin a move in the middle. Brought back memories of the good ole stag dances in high school.

Once we were inside and in our seats there was time to kill. That is when Jelina and I headed to the front of the full theatre and got everyone involved in a game of Twilight Trivia & Twilight Charades. Today at Albertsons one of the pharmasist said, "THAT'S HER" pointing at me. She was just telling the other pharmacist all about us getting everyone playing games. So funny! At the end, I gave a little 14 year old (or so) girl my "New Moon" shirt that I had won in a raffle. What else could we do? She completely got into charades and threw herself on the floor acting out the part of Bella on a Motorcycle. She nearly cried she was so excited she had won. She was cute!

The movie was great! Watching Kristin, Kara & Kerry react to Jacob was SO funny! We all had such a great time. I was safely home and tucked into bed right about 3:30am. Promises of my sweet hubby letting me sleep in made me fall asleep with a smile....UNTIL, my internal clock went off and my eyeballs flew open at 5:45am! I spent the next hour or two drifting in and out of sleep, still not enough, but SO WORTH IT! :)

Now for my return.....

In the last few weeks I have completely quit my job. Trained someone to take my place. Prepared and spoke at an Enrichment night, all about my sweet Dawson, in Jerome for my dear friend Elizabeth. Got back into just being Mom. Fell completely in love with just being Mom and have been working quite a bit on my new blog. I CAN'T WAIT to get it up and going! This is a total brainchild of mine and has been for a long time. I was planning on turning this blog into the new idea, however, I love having a very person, journal type, family blog. I don't want this one to change a bit!

The new blog is for Women. It is all about our lives. There will be posts about creativity, with fun projects. Organization, with tips and projects to get us COMPLETELY organized. Money saving tips and tricks, including the much anticipated "12 Step Program Into Addiction" for coupon and sales shopping know how. Thoughts, movtivation and a whole lot of "JUST DO IT" which you will understand later.

Basically it is a project that is all about loving who we are, always working to better ourselves, defining ourselves by the roles we have in our lives and realizing who we REALLY are. Then creating a network where we can be inspired by, motivate, share with and enjoy the heck out of each other!

Sold yet?! :) I hope so! It is going to be so much fun to do! Ryan is working hard right now on the finishing touches of the forum that is part of the website. YES! Our very own forum!  SO FUN!

So, after a much needed shift in focus, I am back! I never thought I would see that day when I would not check my email, facebook or blogs at least once a day....let alone not at all in a week or two! WOWZA! It is fun to catch up on everyone and get caught up myself!

Tomorrow I am going to post another giveaway. My good GOOD patient friends at MyBlogSpark sent me something to try and share with you guys. They have been waiting on me for a while. I am sure they will be glad to know I am still alive! :)

Until Tomorrow......


Kristin and Jay said...

It was super fun, I still am feeling the anxiety as you two were walking toward the front! Oh and you left out the best part..."what are they doing up there, they are like 50?!" HAHA! I laugh every time I think of that. And I can't wait for your giveaway. However I haven't recieved the last thing I won (which would be item number 2, wahoo!!!) You have the luckiest blog ever!!!

Amy Lindstrom said...

I will email and ask what the hold up is. They are usually right on it.

Yeah the 50 year old thing was awesome! :) hahaha

Brian and Kayla said...

While you were gone a big blog alien came and took over all the blogs on the universe and the whole blog world came to a complete screeching halt! Thank heaven you're back because I don't think we would have survived in the blog world without you! And to hear that you have another one coming! Oh those aliens are sure to stay away now!

Really, though, we love ya!

Rideout Family said...

50 years old?? I want to hear that story.
All I can say is that I am there for sure for the next movie. You guys can't have that much fun without me.

Lombardo Family said...

Oh how I've missed your blog posts. You do know that I live vicariously through you, so you can NEVER be gone that long again! I am NOT a night owl, so I imagined that I was there with you and all those gals, standing outside in the freezing weather, anticipating New Moon. Oh I had so much fun with you guys. Thanks for letting me tag along. :o)