Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ok, so not an official "reunion", well, maybe.....

Anyway, my family all headed up for the 4th! (which would explain why you have been neglected for over a week!) We had so much fun! It was great to have all of them here! Usually it is quite an adventure to have all of them staying in the house with us, but it was so great! We all had so much to do all the time!

So, here is a little tour of our 4th of July weekend.....

{Jake, Rachel, Mallory, Parker}

Gathering the crew for scriptures at night took a bit of an effort.....well, it takes effort to gather any group this big! Everyone kicked on scriptures with a quick 10 min. clean up! MY WHAT YOU CAN GET DONE IN 10 MIN WITH THIS MANY PEOPLE! WOW!

It was a lot of fun to be gathered in so close and all together for a little bit.

I can't remember what Ryan was telling everyone about, but it must have been important.....

{Jake, Rachel & Mallory, Dad, Brian & Kayla}

Well, just look at the captivated audience! That's the first and last time we saw that all weekend! :)

Quite a crew!

Can't forget to get a shot of Ty & Suzi....AKA TUZI!

Have I told you I love my family, lately?! Well, I do! They are so much fun!

For the weekend we divided up the menu by families. That way each family provided, cooked & cleaned one meal only all weekend! It worked out perfectly! It made groceries SO much easier and less expensive! Plus, it was GREAT to just be called to dinner and get up and leave when you are done! That provided the vacation part for me! YAY!

Ryan & Lisa were in charge of Breakfast on Saturday morning. Ryan is TOTALLY a breakfast guy and did a great job!

The whole weekend was full of a little of this....ok, sometimes a lot. We had Dr. Mario tournaments, with brackets and all! It was a lot of fun!

We all had a BLAST outside! There was so much to do!

We had to start the first morning off right! I took the kids out to the tramp to teach them all about playing "Add ons" and "Bum wars" then of course I had to show off my Trampoline Skills...ok, I don't have any, but at least I look like I do! HA!

Grandpa & Mal loved hanging out together on the porch.

Clint & D

Brian and Kayla (plus a little boy in that little belly of Kayla's)


The highlight was easily the pond! The kids had a blast jumping off the waterfall and swimming ALL DAY! They ran back and forth between the pond and the hot tub on 4th for about 7 hours. Needless to say, they were SLAMMED by the end of fireworks and ready for a good snooze!

{Parker, Kaitlyn, Bridger}

{Henry, Parker, Jake & Kaitlyn}

This is my little brother Parker. He did a great job! This was a scary thing for him, but he did it...and then did it a hundred times more! Nothing like a little confidence in your back pocket! Good job bubba!

Brian & Kayla even got in with Jake & Rachel.

We turned down the hot tub so Kayla and little David, Kempton or whatever he should be named could enjoy it too!

While the kids swam the adults relaxed outside, inside or where ever. I wish I had pictures of some of the horseshoe games that went down. All I know is that Ryan Gear is crazy good and Clint lost a bet to him and will be subjected to eternal servitude...or something like that. :) I am glad they all had fun!

We had bike rides, a little hiking and plenty of water and sun! What could be better?!

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Bonnie said...

Oh my! You are amazing- I think that I would go absolutely crazy having that many people in my house for an entire weekend.
Looks like everything turned out wonderful and you all had a great time. Good work!
Have a wonderful Birthday trip! You deserve it!