Tuesday, July 14, 2009

{FRIDAY'S FINDS} Bonus Tuesday Edition

Alright fine...I AM HAVING WAY TOO MUCH FUN THIS SUMMER! It is impossible to pin me down! I have already been to California TWICE since the 4th of June! How sweet is that?! With a fun vacation planned every 2 weeks this summer it is FLYING by! The problem with that is that the days do too! I find VERY little time to be in front of my computer. When I do, it is to check up on you and get my work done, then I am off again. There is SO much I want to post about! Hang with me, cause it will come VERY SOON!

Since I missed last Friday's (and the Friday before, but who's countin) "Friday's Finds" I am going to do TWO this week! You lucky stinkers!
This one has been waiting....begging...for me to post about it. So here you go....

Most of you probably know that I have recently lost about 35 lbs! WOOT WOOT! I feel great and I am not even close to stopping! One of my priorities and something that really helps is to focus on fiber. Fiber is important....for obvious reasons...but it also comes in forms that include whole grains or "filling foods" as Weight Watchers calls them. If I focus on getting at least 35 grams per day, I am usually filling my day with oats and whole grains, colorful veggies, fruits and lean proteins. THE GOOD STUFF! Easy!

When Blog Spark contacted me to offer an opportunity to review FIBER ONE YOGURT, I was TOTALLY in! In our house, Fiber One is a main stay. The cereal, the bars, even the Pop Tarts! We love them all! So Yogurt....SO excited to try that out. Made by Yoplait?....EVEN BETTER! They, because they are amazing and kind and wonderful, also threw in an HD Mino Flip Camera so I could record the reaction of families and friends and said I could keep it when I was done...WHAT?! So exciting! I am LOVING the camera!

So, what did we think about the yogurt.....
It was exciting to be among the first to sample it. It isn't even in stores yet! It showed up at my door with the overnight Fed Ex lady, refrigerated box and all.

The flavors we sampled were Strawberry and Key Lime. Both delish! They did not disappoint! Key Lime was my fave! It was a treat! And for you Weight Watcher buffs out there.... ZERO points! ZERO! And with 5 grams of fiber! One morning for breakfast I had a Fiber One Yogurt, Fiber One Apple Struessel (my fave) granola bar and an apple. 3 point breakfast (that's really good) and a whopping 19 grams of fiber! So great! And it seriously felt like I was having dessert for breakfast! I loved it!

The yogurt was creamy and perfect, just like you would expect from Yoplait. It does contain Aspartame, which some may try to steer away from, but other than that, zero drawbacks!

I can't wait until this stuff comes out in stores! I am ALL OVER IT! So is my family! Here is the video to prove it, all shot with my new flip video camera! Sit back for a sec and enjoy.

If you have interest in being a Blog Spark-er click HERE. They are so much fun! It makes for a lot of fun stuff for you guys and I am loving it all. In just a month they are sending me to Minneapolis to an event put on by General Mills! I can't wait!



MOM said...

Do you know if they are also making Fiber One yogurt without aspartame?

Devin & Shalise said...

Okay... I am also a HUGE fan of fiber! Sadly... I do not like yogurt, so I asked my doctor about it and she gave me a pill... Oh yea... a little pill that gives me my daily fiber in one swallow. It is called Multi-Flora ABF, its a probiatic which is super healthy, you have to make sure it stays in your fridge though so those little probiatic bugs don't die :) YUMMY

Megan said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. That's great!