Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On Friday afternoon we decided to do one of my favorite activities....PARK HOPPING!

We started at Woodside Elementary....

And with my family there is ALWAYS a ball or Frisbee involved so we HAD to strike up a game of Football....two hand touch!

For the most part the kids joined in, but a lot of them wanted to take advantage of the playground....they all decided that since Mallory's school was here they must have put this "M" to climb on here for Mallory! We are alright with flattery, so we went with it! :)

Next it was on to Heagle Park.

{Rachel, Kayla, Me & D}

Lisa & Abby thrilled us all with their showcase of grade school trickery! Remember the bar?! Oh how much fun was that! Every once in a while I think SURELY I CAN STILL DO THAT....but then reality, quickly followed by humility kicks in. However, Ab....oh yeah, she's still got it! Lisa tried it out too! Brave souls!

Then it was on to a little football camp. Clint is an amazing coach. I think the kids really enjoyed learning some of the basics. WAIT! Maybe I should have been over there! He is teaching them all to catch! Let's just say, I am a better quarterback than a receiver!

Suzi's a good slider

Parkers a good Parker. He is LOVES the Park! Even in the hot!

And you weren't convinced! See! I told you he loved it!

Everyone loved the park. Mallory & Caroline (only 2 months apart) loved pretending like it was their house and on fire and they would say, "Someone help me" and try to get out. It was quite funny!

On the 4th, after a full day of parading and playing in the sun we headed to the church to play a little Wack-O ball (baseball, with a racket and racquetball, no mitts, have to drop the racket in a hoop on your way to 1st or go back and do it if you forgot. WAY FUN!)

Dividing the teams. We look a little heavy on the little kids side....oh well, we still smoked them!

Clint rallying his team.


Brian covering the outfield.

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Norris Fam said...

Those pictures of the parks made me miss Hailey even more than I already do :(

Glad you had fun with your family!