Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I always love the 4th of July here! It is one of my favorite times of year! The weather is perfect! There is so much energy in the air. The Parade. The Fireworks. The BBQs. So fun!
The parade was the good Ole Hailey parade. We are a small little spot. Our high school band has like 12 people in it. It is a lot of businesses.

Ryan & Lisa brought shade! So nice of them! You can see how much we all appreciated it!

Then you can see that Ryan Gear sat in the stroller with Carter so he could sit under it. SAD! Sorry Ry!

The boys had a blast playing and running for candy!

Carter had a blast with a wipe and I had a blast looking....only looking, because smooching or any such activity would cause a panic to shoot through this kids body. NO ONE is allowed to touch him but his Mom...and occasionally his Dad! But he is cute, so I put up with it. I will win him over...all in good time! You will be mine Carter! Oh you will be mine! :)

Dad, Brian & Tyrel entertained themselves by spitting cherry pits across the street. I bet the people on the other side of the street were entertained too! :)

Thanks so much to the fabulous "Cute Hairstyles For Girls" blog my Mal, Lydia and Caroline were sporting this festive do! Welcome to the world of pipe cleaners Amy! Oh thank you, thank you so much! I am so happy to be here! Yes, this won't be the last! The door has swung wide open on this one! Kings craft isle, HERE I COME!

Mal wasn't that fond of the really loud noises, Dawson was. He thought the sirens were hilarious! He belly laughed! It was awesome!
As for Mal...well, she will just sit right there happily with her Brian! Oh how she loves him!
Later, after the Wacko Ball game, it was on to the fireworks!
My we take up a lot of space! It was fun to huddle all together and chew on some licorice and listen to the constant thumping bass of the ANNOYING vehicle nearby. :)



Sweet Caroline and here blue peepers, chillin with Uncle Brian & Aunt Kayla.

Carter LOVED the fireworks.....

We all had a blast! Thanks so much for coming up fam! It was super fun! Can't wait to do it again!
NOW, I must neglect you my sweet friends....for I am busy. Busy packing. For my hubby is sending me to San Fransisco with my Sisters in law and Mother in Law to see Wicked this weekend. I have just 3 short hours to be finished. This also means that you may, or may not get your Friday's Finds, but my oh my do I have some fun ones coming up!
This week, if you don't see one, look for it on Tuesday! WITH a giveaway to award your patience!
I am off to "DEFY GRAVITY"! WOO HOO!


Gear Gang said...

Hey where are the sweeeeet family pictures Kristen took? Those are must sees.

Rideout Family said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. The 4th of July in Hailey Idaho is the best. Nothing compares.

Hardy Party said...

This looks like you all had a blast. :-) And then off for another trip to see Wiked? I think you are getting all spoiled. And, no one deserves it more...

Love You,