Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday in San D

It was Stake Conference in San Diego on Sunday. So, it was a no go for church...well, since we didn't find out about that until 11:00. BUMMER!

Since swimming and playing on the beach were not an option for the day we decided to pack our lunch and venture out to the temple and some tide pools for the day.

The temple is AMAZING! There isn't another one like this one. It is so beautiful! We walked around the grounds and ran into some couple missionaries. They showed the kids pictures of the inside and then took pictures of our families for us.

This was our last stop of the day so it ended up just being Jared & Jana's fam and ours. It was a beautiful day and so nice just to walk around on the grounds for a while.

The kids thought it was so pretty. Mal was sure it was a castle! :)

Ry and D doing donuts in the stroller. Dawson was laughing so hard!

If you ever get the chance to swing by here, you must! It is amazing in pictures, but in person it is unbelievable!

Before the temple, earlier during the day, we walked up to see an old historical Lighthouse. This is one that was lived in so you can tour the inside.

The view was amazing! Such a great shot of the city. I also got my first peak at a cruise ship. WHAT THE?! Yes, I know I am behind, but seriously, those things are enormous! This would be the perfect place to mention that Lynne suggested that we all save up over the next 2 years and we will all take a Royal Carribean 10 day cruise around Hawaii, or something like that. Adults only! HOW FUN! Guess we better get to saving! I am NOT missing that one! :)

Back to our lighthouse.

The spiral staircase was a bit intense. That is Jared down there. Somewhere in his camera there is a picture of me hanging over the top of the banister! :)

Mal was diggin' the tour phones. She could tell you a thing or two about this place now, you know.

Brady and her were such great friends the whole trip. Just a funny side note...Mallory has this new thing. She walks up and touches you with her finger and says, "PINCH". We all laughed. Brady....NOT SO MUCH! The first time she did it, he tipped his little head back and started to cry saying, "SHE PINCHED ME". Too funny! Those kids! They are such good buddies! I am so glad!

At the bottom of the hill there is a path you can walk on to get down to some tide pools.

Lynne opted to cuddle Dawson while we all hiked down the rocks to the pools. Dawson and Mal LOVE their Nana!

Mal was totally into the ocean! I think she liked watching it crash against the rocks.

Olivia made the catch of the day! Good job Liv!

This little guy made me wonder why I was ok with him, but not spiders. They are basically spiders of the sea....I think anyway. Kinda nasty but when they are big....OH SO TASTY!

Jake & Tyler spent quite a while looking at all the nasty little creatures stuck up here on this rock until the next high tide.

Mal....she liked it, she just like the ocean more!

See all those little divots in the rock? FULL of nasty looking creatures! Ewe!

See those big rocks out there in the water? I mean the far ones....looking like islands/mountains? That there my friends, is in Mexico. When we pulled into the parking lot of this place my phone got a text message from Sprint saying, "WELCOME TO MEXICO". Kinda reminded me of my trip to ALMOST CANADA when I went to see Courtney in Lynden, WA and stood across a ditch from Canada. Yep, THAT CLOSE to being in another country, yet again! :)

By the end of the day, D was trashed! All that being pushed around in a stroller can really wear a guy out, poor thing! :)


Kristin and Jay said...

This is by far my FAVORITE Temple ever! It is SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

Rideout Family said...

Fun times!
I just want you to know Amy that you are looking amazing. Love you!!

Gear Gang said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun. I love all of your pics.

Oh! do you remember, Michelle Harding. I saw her at the pool the other day and gave her your blog address, so don't be surprised if you hear from her too. She still remebers the My Sherona days and puff painting the old car. Any hoo! Love you so much.