Friday, June 19, 2009

I Left My Heart In San DIEGO

Have I mentioned that I love LOVE the beach?! Oh, I haven't mentioned ANYTHING since our trip! SHOOT! I am a slacker!

Have no fear my friends! By the end of the next few days you will be begging me to stop! BEGGING, I SAY!

So, I am going to let the pictures speak for me, you know because of my whole too wordy issue and what not. So, let's start you off easy! THIS is the beach! AND I LOVE IT!

{Logan is so so silly!}

Yes, it was a little breezy, but not uncomfortably least if your not a wimp! The temperature was PERFECT, a little cool at times, but the humidity took care of that! Oh I love you humidity! My skin loves you too!
Best of all we didn't get rain! Which, apparently was because the rain hogs in Utah & Idaho were taking all of it's attention! NICE JOB GUYS!

Jared tried to convince me that the OCEAN is the best friend to play catch with. Can you see the football? Yep, it came back! Only a few minutes! That is not the kind of catch game that is going to hold my attention, however! I am a little too much short in the attention span area to stick around for that one to come back!

Jake LOVED the ocean too! Funnest place on earth! There was plenty of Boogie boarding and surfing, pictures of which will come later this week, have no worries my friends, they will come!

Oh yeah, you know the wimps I mentioned earlier?! Well, a couple of these folks would fall into that category, but I won't be naming any names. Just look for the long limbed blondie mouthing the word cold, then the little blondie on the end, yep, her too. See that really hot REALLY WHITE guy...yep, him too! Thank goodness for the invention of wetsuits or these three would never have joined me in the water!

Aunt Leslie....I can't wait to see all the pictures you got! Aunt Leslie & Peggy became Mally's best friends! She read to them, sang to them, played with them and was a beach bum with them!

Mally ventured out to make some new friends! I was so proud! Considering her resent evaluations on her delays, this is one of her short comings! Not today folks! She walked right up and announced, "HI! I'M MALLORY" then followed up with a "What's your name?" They were fast friends from then on....well, at least for the next few hours, never to see each other again. Sad!

The girls' Mom and I talked for a moment. She noticed Dawson's shunt. She told me that she had 4 children that have past away and 5 living...YOWZA! Strong lady. Strong in her faith in the Savior. We had some great conversation about the LDS church, which she obviously was not so hip on, but she was not afraid to ask questions. I was glad for the opportunity to bare testimony of the Restoration & the Atonement. She's a good lady!

The sand.....ah the sand! The kids, of course loved it! Tyler & Jake loved digging holes and apparently that little stranger behind them liked watching them!

And this one....well, he was content to sit an listen to the ocean! Well, that is as long as he got AT LEAST a good 15 min. cuddle from Mom before hand. He was a trooper. The noise in the house got a bit overwhelming for him at times, but we had our own room, so he hung out a lot there. He was content with that! What a cute little stink!

And now for a few seconds of the live action......

Leslie & Peggy took Mal down the beach to play for a bit. I took a few seconds of video from our balcony.....


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I want go back to the beach and the warmth. Maybe we can just build a little hut and take up a permanent residence there.

Gear Gang said...

I can't wait to see more. I want to go it looks like way to much fun.