Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to the BEACH HOUSE....

We Lindstrom's require a LOT of room! There are a lot of us! We had 15 adults & 8 kids (We were missing Clint & JoJo's family). This place was perfect for us! 3 levels, 10 bedrooms each with their own bathroom, 2 full kitchens & living rooms, 2 decks & 2 hot tubs. PERFECT!

One of my favorite parts about the house was the view! We were right on the beach! Each level had a full window view with window seats so we could watch the surfers, dolphins, seals, etc. So pretty!

This is the view out of the 2nd floor level.

See how close the beach was? Love it!

This was a common view in the house. I think most of us spent all day every day in our swimsuits. It was a glorious day when wet suits and surf boards were rented. This meant even more fun in the water and getting to see my cute hubby in his wet suit. :)

This was another common fixture in the home. Kevin and the couch! :) Ok, I am totally kidding, but the whole week was full of relaxing and doing nothing! That was perfect!

Dani, Eric & Lynne working away at the best dinner!

And you thought I was joking! Lynne and Jeff went to a nearby fish market. Fresh Lobster tail, talapia, tuna & salmon were on the menu. They were accompanied by filet mignon and chicken, salads and more.

It was all amazing! Ryan is amazing on the grill, as always. After playing in the water all day you can work up quite an appetite. This hit the spot perfectly!

A shot of the lounging, waiting for dinner. See that mask Jeff is wearing? Jana was super smart and brought stuff for the kids to do crafts. Making masks and face painting. So fun!

The whole gang dishin' up. This is the 2nd floor kitchen. The first floor, the one that walks out onto the beach, was identical to this one.

One of our favorite spots to hang out was on the decks. This is the view, plus me, on the 2nd floor deck. It was the favorite spot for reading, visiting, napping and soaking in the sun.

This was my favorite view in the house. Yep, that is my cute hubby struttin his stuff down the hallway!

Ryan started posing when I was snapping pics. This is Ryan's "Magnum" pose (Zoolander). Leathal isn't it?!



Norris Fam said...

I just got caught up on all 3 posts of your trip. So, so FUN! I'm glad you guys got to go!

That beach house looks amazing, which I already knew because Mallory told me so.

Am I dumb...what is in Ryan's mouth in that last picture???

Kate said...

Looks like so much fun, I love a good beach house!

Amy Lindstrom said...

Carrie....that would be Ryan's latest addiction. He has always been a toothpick guy, but now with those little toothpick flosser dealy-o's there is always one nearby after a meal.

Kate...I want to see more of yours sista! How fun for you! I want more info! MORE MORE MORE! :)

Jelina said...

AMY!!! That is the EXACT Same house we stayed in last year. Everything was the same. Were you about 1/2 mile from the pier where Diner was? Is it the same? It was total dejavu with all your pictures--legoland, the beach, everything. Glad you had fun.