Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snake In The Grass

Jake has been AMAZING at taking care of the Barrow's 3 horses & 2 dogs while they have been out of town. I think he makes the walk over at least 4 times per day. He plays fetch with Sam, the white lab, and scratches Mocha, the Daschund, behind the ears. The horses come running everytime they see him. He is IN LOVE with this job.

Today he and Mal walked back and forth between the houses like 6 times. On one of the trips he spotted a snake. Knowing that Rattlesnakes are common around here he came home to get Dad before touching it. Ryan told him that they most likely will never see it again, but when they go over there, well....Mr. Watersnake was waiting.

Jake BEGGED to keep it. Ryan told him I would never let him. Really, I don't mind snakes so much. I don't have a problem holding them, catching them and whatever, but I think they are better left outside where they belong.

I do have to say that my little Jaker's is getting more and more handsome everyday! Wouldn't you agree?! I mean what a cute kid! To bad I can't take any credit for it! He is ALL Ryan! Cutest kid I know, and with a heart of gold!

So, back to the snake. Mal, was completely entertained by all of this! While Jake removed his gloves so he could touch it's skin Mal wanted a closer look....maybe even a little touch.

Ok, that wasn't so bad. Maybe just a little bit bigger touch. THAT'S PRETTY INTERESTING!

And then, because she is MY girl, she got all brave and held it all by herself! She LOVED it! It was quite fun to watch her! She was so giggly!

Tears flowed when I told her it was time to take the snake to a place in our yard where he would be safe. She was crushed! Dad & Jake went down by the creek in the front yard and let Mr. Snake go. Meanwhile, a now manditory discussion on not picking up snakes unless Mom or Dad are with you took place! There ARE Rattlesnakes around here. A lot of people have never seen them, but some have. They don't seem to be super aggressive. Our friends young kids have stepped over them without incident. With all the people out hiking, biking and playing in the mountains around here there are only about 6 bites per year. Non of them fatal. More like a little flu like in the symptoms. However, we will play it safe. We definately don't want to be one of the 6!

As for this little guy, we don't mind if he swings in from time to time. The kids sure love him and he didn't seem to mind them!
By the way, we are headed to Cali first thing tomorrow morning! I am hoping to post from there so I don't drown you all in pictures when I get back! We are SO excited for a nice relaxing week on the beach. We will surely sprinkle in a little Sea World, and whatever else we feel like doing. It is ALL just whatever we feel like. No plans, just go with the flow! LOVE THAT! Watch for more soon! :)
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Gear Gang said...

Jake is getting so big. He is losing his baby chub! What a handsome Kiddo.

Have fun in Cali. It sounds like so much fun.

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Brian and Kayla said...

This comment is irrelevant to this post but I wanted to say thank you, thank you for the macaroni grill dinners. We had our first last night and loved it! It was fun to get the package in the mail! Thanks for everything!