Thursday, June 4, 2009

because you asked........


Sometimes a pie is just a pie and the crust is neither here nor there. However, you MUST try this crust out! This is the BEST pie crust! It is pretty darn easy and super buttery and flaky! It adds SO much to the flavor of the whole thing.

Now, because it is 12:30am and I am finishing work so I can get up SUPER early for our drive to California, I am going to just send you HERE for the recipe and directions. Just click right there and it will take you back to the Berry pie. Which I am now dreaming about! :)

Alright, instead of putting stuff in your crust, once it is in the pie plate, you are going to cook it for 12-18 min. at 375. While it is cooling you can do the next part, but please, for all that is good and nice, don't add your innards until the crust is completely cool. Thank you!

Now, here is what you will need next:
(1) Large box of Chocolate Pudding
(1) pint of heavy whipping cream
(1) Large Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar

Pour the whipping cream into a bowl (or your Kitchen Aid, if you are so lucky, which I am...THANKS RY!) Get that stuff a mixin'. Add your vanilla and sugar, or whatever you do. I think I added like a tsp. or two of vanilla and maybe 3 or 5 TBS of sugar. Who knows! I know I don't!

Once that is stiff (forms peaks when the beaters are lifted out of it) pour it into a bowl and set it aside.

Dump your large box of Chocolate Pudding into the mixing bowl. On the side of the box it will give you pie directions. Use only HALF, and this is important, JUST HALF of the milk it calls for. This is going to give you a VERY heavily concentrated chocolate flavor. It will make it very thick and very rich!

When that is all blended up add enough of our pre whipped cream to make up the amount needed to fill the pie crust. It isn't too much, maybe a cup and a half or so-ish. Really, you would think I would figure this out! Just eyeball it. You will get it! You definately don't want to put too much cream in it. It then kinda loses its chocolate appeal. Just a bit. Taste it as you go. NO DOUBLE DIPPING!

Alright, now for the magic! Get a potato peeler and start peeling away at the chocolate. You want to do this right into the mixing bowl. It will give you lots of really nice pieces of chocolate. Once you have as much as you think you will want stir it in with a spoon. DON'T USE YOUR MIXER! I don't know why, just DON'T! Sheesh!

Now using a spatula, so you scrape every last bit of chocolatey goodness out of the bowl, pour...well, I think PLOP would be a closer fit, but well, PLOP just doesn't sound appetizing to me so pour it is! This stuff is going to be thick. Which is PERFECT! Spread it evenly. Now take more of your whip cream and spread a nice thin layer over the top of it all.

Now, using a grater, grate a whole bunch of that chocolate bar! You shouldn't have much left by the time you are done. Then sprinkle this all over the cream on top. Put it in the fridge until you are ready to serve it!

SEE, that was easy HUH?! Yeah, well, it seems like a lot, but that is just because I am always a little to wordy. Sorry bout that! After the crust is cooked and cooled the whole innards part takes just about 10 min. or less! EASY!

Now go Wow your friends! They will LOVE this! Even the most disciplined person will want a second piece!
OH AND YES CARRIE! I will TOTALLY make this for us! YUM!

Speaking of Carrie, I MUST get my work done so I can get to bed. I get to go see my sweet Carrie tomorrow! WOO HOO!


Richins Family said...

oh my you make it sound so easy! i know myself to well to attempt this with "easy" in mind but i am going to try it anyway :) wish me luck! have SO much fun on your trip :)

Kara said...

You get to see carrie. How lucky are you. Give her a hug for me!

Hardy Party said...

That's a pretty cool pie, and that snake looks like it was loads of fun. We hope you all have a blast in California and be safe...

Love Dad & Sondi