Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Want to know a sign of a GREAT year of school? Jake actually got a little teary on the bus home from his last day of 3rd grade. He LOVED 3rd grade! His teacher, Ms. Scherer is a phenominal woman! Really! Jake came out of a rough 2nd grade year with a teacher that showed little patience with any of the kids and had them spend a lot of time with their heads on their desks because she had a headache. SAD! I went in to help with Math some mornings, which seemed to really help Jake's Math skills, but his reading struggled. She openly put him down about it. It was heartbreaking.
Ms. Scherer was an answer to prayer. She put Jake in the highest Math group and always complimented him on his work. She loved his creative stories, told him he was the best reader & continually pushed him and he knew she believed he could do anything.
His grades were so great at the end of this year! In reading he set a goal and passed it by so far that he ended up with a 132%!! What an improvement! He is super smart and she made sure he knew it! She talked to him like he was the most important person in the world to her. She came to the kids sport events they were involved in. They all loved her so dearly.
Jake will miss her! I can't thank her enough! We wanted to do a little something special for her. So I made this little clipboard for Jake to give her on the last day of school. It has one of my favorite teacher sayings. "Good teachers teach, but great teachers inspire." Nothing fits her more!
When Jake got home I told him he could choose his special last day of school dinner. He chose Hard Shell taco's (he is TOTALLY obsessed with those) from Cowboy Cochina, here in Hailey. We packed up the fam and headed out. Then it was on the Jake's first baseball game of the season. He has such a great coach this year! He played so great! He hit the ball everytime he was up to bat and scored a few runs. He caught some balls and made some great plays. It was a great day for him!
I told him that he also gets to pick what he wants for his first day of summer breakfast. Well, I did say he could pick ANYTHING he wanted.....
So, CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE it was! Mal helped me whip this baby up first thing in the morning and the kids sat down with unbelieving smiles as I served them PIE for BREAKFAST! I figured if Aunt Cindy gave her kids Ice Cream Sundaes on April FOOLS Day, then I can give mine Chocolate Pie on the first day of Summer! HUH CINDY?! Yep, I knew you would have my back!
Jake was in HEAVEN! Best pie he has ever had. I do have to say that I agree. It was pretty amazing. My Mom's pie recipes are AMAZING!

And this little princess...well, I have never seen her sit in one place for so long! She dusted off every last bite! Her pie wasn't so much a first day of Summer Pie. We are off to California for 10 days and then Mal starts summer school. BUMMER! I am sick over it! I was so looking forward to enjoying every minute with them this summer! However, all of the goings on with this will come later. No worries! :)
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Rideout Family said...

Do you want to share the chocolate cream pie recipe or selfishly keep it to yourself? That looks really good to me right now.

jill said...

um yes, recipe please. Also, mom of the year award to amy lindstrom...Chocolate pie for breakfast!?! I hope your kids realize how lucky they are to have you!

another thing...don't forget I am coming to utah in less than two weeks! If you want me to bring the vinyl down let me know!

Lombardo Family said...

I LOVE that you gave your kids chocolate pie for breakfast. I mean really, is there no limit to have fun you are? And yes, recipe please!!!! :o)

Norris Fam said...

Will you PLEASE make me one of those for breakfast while you're at my house? At least for dinner tomorrow night? I'll buy all the stuff...