Monday, June 1, 2009


On Sunday my dear dear friend Elizabeth & her hubby Collin were going to come for a visit/BBQ. We have missed them SO much! They live in Jerome, but with 3 kids each life just gets busy! No more, I tell you! There will be NOTHING that can keep us apart for long again!

Now you may have noticed the "were" in that last paragraph. Well, Dawson has had a REALLY hard few days. You know, fever of 105 degrees, hard hitting antibiotics, prayers to be said, decisions to make...all in a days work around here. On Sunday he was endlessly cranky! His fever that had disappeared was now back. So, I regrettfully called Elizabeth and told her that maybe another day would be better. I so wanted to see her!

Fast forward a few hours. The fever has broke. D is feeling MUCH better after a well sedated nap. The Sharps are in Ketchum taking pictures for Collin's work (the best State Farm agent around, thank you very much!). Elizabeth called and asked to swing by for a hug. OF COURSE! How could I turn her down! I love her so darn much and so wanted to see her!

They were at our house in minutes. Dawson held out as happy as can be. Mal & Jake made quick friends with Olivia & Daxton. And we were just happy as can be to have a moment to visit with these two!

This is Elizabeth! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ELIZABETH! It is funny how seeing her reminded me how much I missed her! We were such great friends in Jerome. She called me all the time when I was in Utah at the hospital and NEVER ended a conversation without an I love you! She is such a great friend!

This is Collin. EASILY one of my very favorite people! Funny as snot and always crackin me up! Seriously, how could you not love being around Collin?! Anyone that knows him will agree! Since we are back to no TV at our house, the only real stress comes when I think about the BSU Football games. NO WORRIES! We will be making the trip to Jerome to route for our team with their number one fan! :)

Mal was in LOVE with Olivia! It is funny to think that when I was pregnant with Mal & D Olivia & Elizabeth were coming to swim with me at our apartment complex. Little Olivia was just learning to wave! Now she is almost FIVE! CRAZY! She is such a cute stinker! Olivia was quick to show Mal the joys of dress ups! Mal used to love them, but hasn't really experienced them on her own too much! This dress up was a HIT! Cutest lion EVER!

This is Maci & Collin. Mace is such a pretty little doll! I wish I had a picture of Liv & Daxton! Just picture Maci with curly blonde hair and a little taller for Olivia and as an all boy little boy for Dax. They seriously have their kids cloned I am sure of it! Good thing they are the darned cutest kids ever!

Seriously, I am SO glad you guys came up! We loved seeing you! I can't wait for MANY summer days filled with long visits from you guys! You are welcome ANYTIME!
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cancholas said...

so im kind of wondering why i never leave comments. i am always checking your blog. haha anyway. im glad elizabeth came over! her and i were talking and she said she hadnt met the twins yet. i was shocked cuz that is seriously a long time. and i told her she should go visit you (cuz she was telling me how she wanted to) anyway. good picture of her! and i love mals lion costume!

Hardy Party said...

We hope Little D is feeling better. A 105 fever... YUCK. You do have the cutest friends. We are so glad you have a support system in place.

Love you,
Dad & Sondi

Gear Gang said...

Carter has had that yucky fever thing going on. IT took him about 4 days to get over it. But he is starting to finally act himself- hopefully D will be feeling better really soon.

Is that your friends little girl in the lion suit? Because she looks a lot like Mally.

Pie for breakfast? That makes me feel much better about the powdered donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast on Bridger's B-day.
Those are the moments they will always remember.

Love you Aim.

Amy Lindstrom said...

It is Mallory! Cute huh?! I am glad Carter is feeling better! Cute little stinker!

Collin & Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness Amy...I was going to blog about visiting you but I dont think I can compete with yours! Thanks for all the compliments and making us feel special. We LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for letting us drop in. We WILL be seeing you soon! HUGS and LOVES. Also, It was great to finally meet sweet Dawson and Mallory. The kids had a blast. Did I say this already? WE LOVE YOU GUYS!